Messaging apps

The Wall Street Journal is the latest publisher to sign on to Snapchat Discover

You might have heard: New publishers have been coming to Snapchat Discover, including BuzzFeed and Refinery29 But did you know: Both Snapchat and The Wall Street Journal are going after new audiences, Kurt Wagner writes. The Wall Street Journal will be joining Snapchat’s Discover feature, the first major business publication to join Discover since it […]

Canada’s Globe and Mail used WhatsApp for election coverage and received a largely positive response, but likely won’t do it again

During Canada’s election campaign that ended earlier this month, Canada’s Globe and Mail experimented with sending messages through messaging app WhatsApp to keep readers informed. Senior social media and community editor Melissa Whetstone writes that while readers loved it and were enthusiastic about interacting with the messages, Globe and Mail likely won’t repeat it unless […]

Does the rise of ephemeral content spell the death of archives?

With the rise of publishing content directly to platforms with Instant Articles and Snapchat, Melody Kramer says publishers should consider ways to archive the content published on these platforms. While Medium allows its users to export all their stories into a .zip file, archiving content from Snapchat and Periscope may be trickier. Kramer writes: “Do […]

5 things to know when working with messaging apps

Messaging apps such as Snapchat and WhatsApp have gained millions of users in the past few years and are still growing fast. While many publishers and brands have caught on quickly, Tanya Dua outlines five things to know as you navigate working with messaging apps, including the amount of time people spend on messaging apps […]

Insights from ProPublica on building audiences through social media

ProPublica’s senior engagement editor Amanda Zamora says building audiences through social media takes time, but it’s worth the investment. Zamora shares her insights on audience engagement, including how to use messaging apps to create a conversation between journalists and the community. + More on messaging apps: Lessons from students at U.K.’s Birmingham City University on […]

Kik joins the search for deals with publishers

As Facebook is making deals with publishers, messaging app Kik is also looking for publishers and brands to publish content on its platform. Kik is looking to move beyond being a messaging platform to become a place where people can play games, order food, and even do their banking. Kik has introduced new tools for […]

How NYT is experimenting with Snapchat for mobile storytelling

New York Times social editor Talya Minsberg says when you first look at Snapchat, you’ll realize that your preconceived notions of the app are mostly false: “There are really creative individuals and organizations making some pretty compelling stories on Snapchat, and watching a story on Snapchat is less passive than you may think.” For the […]

Snapchat commits to its first regularly scheduled content with Major League Baseball

You might have heard: Snapchat hired a CNN political reporter as its head of news, betting its future on its partnerships with media outlets But did you know: Snapchat’s first regularly scheduled content will bring weekly baseball news to its “Our Stories” feature. Working with Major League Baseball Advanced Media, Snapchat will curate content submitted […]

Snapchat attempts to jumpstart Discover by adding the ability to share clips from publishers

You might have heard: Three months after its launch, traffic on Snapchat Discover has dropped by as much as 50 percent for some publishers But did you know: Snapchat is adding the ability to share clips from Discover publishers with friends. By tapping and holding on a Discover photo or video, users can add text […]

BBC’s strategy for chat apps: Go global to reach people who don’t read BBC News

BBC’s experiment with using Viber to share news and safety tips in Nepal is the organization’s fourth experiment with chat apps. Last year, BBC used WhatsApp in West Africa to share updates and health alerts about Ebola, and BBC used Mxit in South Africa for election coverage. BBC mobile editor Trushar Barot says BBC’s goal […]