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One year into Snapchat Discover, some publishers are building new mobile audiences and finding new revenue sources

On the anniversary of Snapchat Discover’s launch, Kerry Flynn writes that many of Snapchat’s media partners are cheering on the feature. Flynn says those partners see Discover as one of the best ways to reach a Millennial audience, and their Snapchat strategies are moving from experimental to a core offering. National Geographic’s VP of social […]

One of Snapchat’s fastest growing age groups is people over 35, and why that’s good for Snapchat

Snapchat is known for being popular with younger people, but what most people don’t know is that Snapchat’s second-fastest-growing age group is people over 35, after adults age 25 to 34, Paresh Dave writes. That’s good news for Snapchat, because those users tend to have higher incomes and can be more attractive to advertisers as […]

Because it’s so hard to find new content, Snapchat is missing out on millions of dollars in revenue

Snapchat’s discovery problem isn’t just a problem for users; it’s a problem for Snapchat’s bottom line, Jessi Hempel writes. There’s no easy way to find new users to follow on the platform, which is particularly problematic for keeping new users who may not immediately see why Snapchat is so popular. Though Snapchat has 100 million […]

Part of Snapchat’s success is that there’s no follower or like counts, making it less of a competition

Twitch founder Justin Kan says that Snapchat has made social media fun for him again, partly because Snapchat isn’t as much of a competition as platforms such as Twitter or Instagram are. While users on other social networks are competing for more likes, retweets and shares than everyone else, Snapchat takes away the potential for […]

The Wall Street Journal is the first American newspaper and business publication to get a spot on Snapchat Discover

You might have heard: Snapchat is adding new publishers to Discover, includingVox, Refinery29 and The Wall Street Journal But did you know: When The Wall Street Journal launched on Snapchat Discover Wednesday, it became the 19th publisher to join the platform. But, it’s also the first American newspaper to be featured on Discover, as well as […]

For publishers, Snapchat’s ad API means better data about what’s working and the risk of turning off users

Snapchat’s new ad API will lead to more advertising on the platform, but Garett Sloane writes that there’s more implications for publishers. The API will also mean that there will be more data about what kind of content is successful on the platform, along with better insights about who’s watching and where they’re located. But […] is now on Snapchat Discover is the newest publisher to join Snapchat Discover. Vox’s Allison Rockey says Vox will publish one “edition” focused around a single topic or theme each day at 6 a.m. Rockey writes: “This isn’t just a place where we’ll be pushing content from our website. It’s a unique experience, uniquely suited to contemporary habits, that […]

When brands work with Snapchat influencers, only the content creator can see how the campaign is performing

Marketers often partner with Snapchat influencers on ad campaigns, but in those situations, only the content creator can see reports on how the campaign is performing. For the advertisers, Mike Shields writes they’re lucky to receive screenshots of reports from the creator, the only indication of whether they got what they paid for. Unlike many […]

To motivate journalists to get on WhatsApp, The Times of India plans to link salaries to their WhatsApp usage

A new policy at Times of India is linking journalists’ salaries to their activity on messaging app WhatsApp. Journalists will have to join specialized WhatsApp groups to sharing breaking news updates, and must file three WhatsApp alerts, “online-first” stories and three tweets per working day. MediaNama writer Sneha Johari criticizes the policy: “What journalists do […]

How publishers are using Snapchat outside of its Discover feature

Publishers that aren’t among the about 16 who are part of Snapchat Discover are still finding ways to connect with their followers through Snapchat’s stories. At The Huffington Post, videos are added to its Snapchat story several times a day, with the topics ranging from serious video interviews after the Paris attacks to cooking how-tos. […]