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‘After months watching Snapchat’s irresistible Discover stories, I am everything but informed’

At its launch, Snapchat promised Discover would be “a storytelling format that puts the narrative first” from “world-class leaders in media.” But a year after Discover’s launch, Logan Hill says that isn’t proving to be true. Snapchat Discover stories are entertaining, Hill says, but he questions if they’re really informing viewers: “On Snapchat, outlets like […]

How the BBC is using chat apps Viber and WhatsApp to publish documentaries

The BBC has been using chat apps such as Yik Yak and Line to distribute news for a year, and it’s now using Viber and WhatsApp to publish documentaries. “Our World: Kidnapped in Mexico” will debut on Viber on March 6, telling the story of a couple’s kidnapping with posts timed in a way that […]

Snapchat adds a web player for Live Stories, the first time that Snapchat content has been made available outside of the app

You might have heard: One of Snapchat’s biggest challenges is that it’s difficult to find content on the platform, which may mean Snapchat is missing out on revenue But did you know: Snapchat quietly updated its website Sunday evening to make the Oscars Live Story available on the web. While it’s unclear whether all Live […]

In adapting its brand to Snapchat, how the New Yorker is adapting its voice for the platform

On paper, the pairing of the New Yorker and Snapchat seems like a strange one, Ricardo Bilton writes. While the New Yorker has built its reputation on long articles and literary criticism, it’s using Snapchat to focus on its visual elements, such as the magazine’s cover and cartoons. But the New Yorker is having to […]

BBC is using Yik Yak to talk to Millennials about mental health issues

The BBC has experimented with messaging apps such as WhatsApp and WeChat in the past, and it’s now trying out anonymous location-based app Yik Yak as a way to talk to Millennials and get them to talk back. The BBC is posting questions about mental health issues and other taboo topics. Since posting its first question […]

How reporters can use WhatsApp for newsgathering

Messaging app WhatsApp is gaining traction as a way to distribute news stories, but Alastair Reid writes that the app also presents opportunities for journalists in terms of reporting. Communicating with sources via WhatsApp can help break down barriers between the reporter and source, BuzzFeed News reporter Rossalyn Warren says. Warren used WhatsApp to report […]

To boost traffic to Discover, Snapchat will let users subscribe to publishers’ channels

You might have heard: While Snapchat doesn’t offer any specific metrics on traffic to Discover, some publishers said earlier in 2015 that their Discover traffic was dropping, but others see Discover as an effective way to reach Millennials But did you know: Snapchat is telling Discover publishers that it will soon let users subscriber to […]

Quartz’s new app lets users chat with the news, rather than just reading it

Quartz launched its first app on Thursday with a unique approach: Rather than just giving users stories to read, users chat with the app. Instead of simply sending headlines, the app sends users messages that read more like a text message from a friend. Messages often include GIFs, and when it runs out of new […]

Snapchat is worth paying attention to because people are using it like they did Facebook in 2005

If you find yourself wondering if you should really know anything about Snapchat, Edelman’s Joe Scannell writes that there’s a simple reason that you should: “People are using Snapchat in 2016 like they were using Facebook in 2005.” Scannell says that alone is an opportunity, even if Snapchat doesn’t prove to be right for all […]

Why The Economist is publishing on a messaging app called Line

The Economist has added another social channel to its distribution strategy, Lucinda Southern writes. The Economist is now publishing to Japanese messaging app Line, where it will “prioritize more visually compelling and evergreen content” than it does on Facebook or Twitter. Line has 212 million monthly users who are mostly located in Asia, and publishers […]