Longform writing and e-books

The e-reader isn’t what’s changing people’s reading habits, it’s the phone

Since e-readers were introduced, they were expected to transform the publishing industry and how people read. But Jennifer Maloney writes that the phone is what’s changing people’s reading habits now. While tablets remain popular, a Nielsen survey from December said 54 percent of e-book buyers said they used smartphones to read their books at least […]

Scribd finds e-book subscription models don’t work well when people read too much

Scribd began pulling thousands of romance titles from its website on Tuesday, a result of users reading too much. Models like Scribd pay publishers by the read, but subscribers pay a flat rate for unlimited access. Readers of genres such as romance read voraciously, so much so that they were becoming too expensive to Scribd. […]

After storytelling, De Standaard focuses on marketing its stories to digital readers

Emmanuel Naert, brand manager at Belgium’s De Standaard, says that after converting readers into paying digital subscribers, our job is to find ways to continue to activate those readers. For a three-month series De Standaard did, that meant rebundling the content into an e-book format and promoting it through another channel. Naert says: “Don’t use […]

Amazon and Google are developing custom fonts to make reading on screens more enjoyable for users

To make using e-readers easier, Amazon and Google are developing new fonts designed to make reading on a screen easier on the eyes. Using eye-tracking, Amazon determined that its new font, Bookerly, will allow users to read 2 percent faster than its previous default font. Bookerly uses curves and serifs that become thicker from left […]

A look behind the creation of Bloomberg Businessweek’s massive story ‘What is Code?’

Paul Ford’s 38,000-word story for Bloomberg Businessweek “What is Code?” covers 72 pages in a special edition of Bloomberg Businessweek and is the result of more than a year of work. When Ford’s first draft arrived in July 2014 at 10,000 words, editors asked for more. Ford says: “I like to think the spirit of […]

The Verge, Modern Farmer get their first National Magazine Award nominations

The American Society of Magazine Editors announced finalists for its 2014 National Magazine Awards. Among the usual suspects (New York got nine nominations, and National Geographic, Wired and The New Yorker each got six), The Verge got a nomination for the video that accompanied its story about Carmen Tarleton, who received a face transplant. Modern Farmer […]

10 secrets of successful meters, paywalls and reader revenue strategies

Moving a media organization from free to paid content requires more than a meter. It also demands new skills, a deeper understanding of the audience, and improved content, both to maximize revenue and ensure consumers continue to see value worth paying for. Listening to innovators from several companies—from the New York Times to Gannett, Atlantic […]