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To make gender equality in the workplace a priority for everyone, show how diversity will benefit everyone and broaden what it means to be an effective leader

Making gender equality in the workplace a priority requires a change in culture, Sava Berhané writes. Berhané outlines three strategies for getting everyone on board, including making it evident how diversity and equal representation will benefit everyone. Berhané also recommends broadening the concept of effective leadership because traditional workplace cultures associate stereotypically masculine traits with […]

Buffer’s tips for diversity, including why you should hire for a person’s potential contribution to the culture, instead of just ‘fit’

Buffer’s Courtney Seiter shares mistakes the tech startup has made in diversity and how they’re taking steps to be inclusive. Among Seiter’s mistakes and lessons learned: Confusing cultural fit with cultural contribution in the hiring process can lead to “uniformity and irrelevancy” over time. Instead, hire for “an individual’s potential cultural contribution,” or what the […]

Buying Pitchfork is a good move for Condé Nast because ‘what Rolling Stone was to our generation, Pitchfork is to a new generation’

You might have heard: Condé Nast bought Pitchfork Media for an undisclosed amount (New York Times) But did you know: Condé Nast announced Tuesday that it had acquired Pitchfork Media, bringing the independent music website and quarterly magazine under the publisher’s titles. James Warren writes for Poynter that this is a good move for Condé […]

Village Voice’s sale comes as alt-weeklies continue their struggle to adapt a mixed digital/print publishing model

You might have heard: New York City alt-weekly Village Voice was sold to Peter Barbey of Reading Eagle for an undisclosed price (Politico Media) But did you know: As Village Voice was sold Monday to Reading Eagle’s Peter Barbey, Rick Edmonds writes that alt-weeklies have had a “particularly difficult transition to a mixed digital/print publishing […]

How to make networking at conferences less uncomfortable: Build relationships on shared interests and think about what you can offer

While conferences offer great opportunities for networking, Francesca Gino writes that people often find networking to be uncomfortable even if they’re naturally good at chatting people up. Gino’s recommendations for making networking at conferences and other events more enjoyable include building relationships on your shared interests and considering what you can offer the people you […]

To get the benefits of self-management without going all in on holacracy, distribute authority and work in public

Zappos has popularized the idea of holacracy, a business philosophy that removes power from management and redistributes it among employees. To reap the benefits of holacracy without totally embracing it in your company, Mike Arauz recommends distributing authority between employees and trust employees to use their best judgment to make decisions without layers of approvals. […]

Al Jazeera America digital employees vote 32 to 5 for unionization

Al Jazeera America’s digital employees became the latest online media company to unionize. The unit of 50 workers voted 32 to 5 for joining the NewsGuild of New York in a vote supervised by the National Labor Relations Board. The company is now challenging whether nine editors should be included in the union. James Warren […]

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