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Google released its bleak diversity numbers last year because it wanted to lead the way in increasing diversity in tech

Google’s diversity numbers in 2014 showed that the company was overwhelmingly male, 61 percent white and 31 percent Asian, numbers that Google itself wasn’t happy with. But as Google’s director of diversity and inclusion Yolanda Mangolini explains it, Google decided to release the numbers anyway to show they were committed to improving their diversity. Mangolini […]

An investigative project at the Las Vegas Review-Journal last month may have targeted the judge hearing a suit against new owner’s casino

The Las Vegas Review-Journal continued its coverage of the strange circumstances surrounding its sale to casino owner Sheldon Adelson by publishing a story Friday offering strong evidence that Adelson may already be advancing his agenda at the paper. Three Review-Journal reporters were asked to monitor and gather information on three business court justices, one of whom […]

How Facebook improved the efficiency of its meetings through two simple changes

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg says two changes Mark Zuckerberg implemented have improved the efficiency of meetings at the company: Relevant materials are sent to those who are attending the meeting ahead of time, and a goal is set at the start of each meeting. With information available ahead of time, people come into the meeting […]

Stella & Dot founder on why you should prioritize culture over quarterly results

Jessica Herrin, founder of e-commerce company Stella & Dot, explains how to prioritize culture when a company is growing fast: “The challenge, especially when you’re growing fast, is to be incredibly fierce about your hiring filters. … It’s really about, do you care about the mission, do you have a fierce work ethic, are you […]

A new cooperative in North Carolina wants to give independent journalists a way to forge connections with each other

A new group called the N.C. Newsroom Cooperative is trying to give independent journalists more resources to connect with each other. The cooperative will be based in Research Triangle Park, and will also hold journalism-related events and connect with the entrepreneurial and tech crowd in the area. The cooperative will formally open in the spring […]

What employers need to know about the hierarchy of employee needs

Just as Abraham Maslow created the hierarchy of needs, Eric Garton and Michael C. Mankins write that there’s a hierarchy of employee needs that companies should be considering. At the most basic level, satisfied employees have a safe work environment, have access to the tools and training to do their jobs well, can get their […]

The Huffington Post is the biggest digital newsroom yet to seek unionization

You might have heard: Staffers at The Huffington Post voted to unionize and asked the company to voluntarily recognize their union, following several other digital media outlets’ moves toward unionization (Politico Media) But did you know: Unionization at The Huffington Post follows similar steps at other digital outlets, but Tom Kludt writes that there’s something […]

Why people are more creative when scarcity forces them to make the best of a situation

According to a new study from Illinois University professor Ravi Mehta, ready-made solutions to problems can actually make people less creative. Through a series of experiments, Mehta’s research found that people are more creative when they’re forced to make the best of a situation and come up with alternative uses for an object. Charlie Sorrell […]

How employers can support the health of their employees

Companies are beginning to recognize that keeping their employees healthy and happy is to their benefit, Ron Friedman writes. In journalism, long hours and stress can make healthy habits harder to maintain, but there are steps employers can take to help employees. Friedman rounds up some of the smartest, research-backed tactics he’s seen companies use […]

UK journalists are considering ‘industrial action’ over Trinity Mirror’s individual traffic targets

The National Union of Journalists is planning to poll journalists at local Trinity Mirror publications on the publisher’s individual digital traffic targets. Targets were introduced this summer at the Birmingham Mail and Coventry Telegraph to make journalists more focused on digital growth, but NUJ says the goals undermine public-interest journalism and encourage “click-bait.”

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