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Why Quartz is using Medium to document its move to a new office

“Moving offices can be a pain, but it’s also an opportunity to take stock of how the company has grown what it could still become,” Quartz’s Zach Seward writes. To do that, Quartz is documenting its move to a new office on Medium, writing about topics including how to capture a company’s culture in a […]

With Jack Griffin out as CEO, the stage may be set for a breakup of Tribune Publishing

You might have heard: Tribune Publishing CEO Jack Griffin was removed Tuesday(Politico Media) and health care technology executive Justin Dearborn was appointed as Griffin’s replacement (Chicago Tribune) But did you know: With Jack Griffin unexpectedly removed as CEO on Tuesday, Rick Edmonds says things may be lining up for a breakup of Tribune Publishing. Under […]

Facebook’s philosophy for finding exceptional employees: Look for diverse backgrounds and the kind of people who build things

When recruiting potential employees, Facebook’s global head of recruiting Miranda Kalinowski says there’s a few commonalities they look for, no matter the position they’re hiring for. While diversity of race and gender is important, Facebook also prioritizes diversity of background: For example, while it could have limited itself to hiring just from top universities, Facebook […]

How to build a company of people passionate about their work

To attract the best employees, Red Hat’s Jim Whitehurst says companies need an overarching goal that people will be passionate about. Whitehurst says Red Hat fosters employees’ passion in their work by letting them show their emotion and enthusiasm about their work and giving people the autonomy to do work that interests them.

How ‘superbosses’ spot and create brilliance in their employees

Dartmouth professor Sydney Finkelstein has a theory that a certain kind of manager, called a “superboss,” is capable of cultivating the next generation of talented leaders in their industry, turning those employees into stars. These kinds of managers are capable of spotting incredible talent in potential employees, and creating it in existing employees. Finkelstein says […]

Vice UK staff move to unionize, aiming to improve salary transparency and job security

The staff of Vice UK is moving to unionize with the National Union of Journalists, joining their U.S. colleagues who unionized in 2015 with the Writers Guild of America. The U.K. staff is calling for a “fair and transparent system” for pay and benefits and an improved system for employee contracts to create more job […]

How managers can build and preserve trust with their staff

Managers can’t just say, “You can trust me,” and gain the trust of their employees; trust has to be earned, Butch Ward writes. Among Ward’s advice for managers to build and maintain trust with their staff: Let your staff know what your values are and follow through on them, be transparent about your decisions, and […]

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