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How ‘superbosses’ spot and create brilliance in their employees

Dartmouth professor Sydney Finkelstein has a theory that a certain kind of manager, called a “superboss,” is capable of cultivating the next generation of talented leaders in their industry, turning those employees into stars. These kinds of managers are capable of spotting incredible talent in potential employees, and creating it in existing employees. Finkelstein says […]

Vice UK staff move to unionize, aiming to improve salary transparency and job security

The staff of Vice UK is moving to unionize with the National Union of Journalists, joining their U.S. colleagues who unionized in 2015 with the Writers Guild of America. The U.K. staff is calling for a “fair and transparent system” for pay and benefits and an improved system for employee contracts to create more job […]

How managers can build and preserve trust with their staff

Managers can’t just say, “You can trust me,” and gain the trust of their employees; trust has to be earned, Butch Ward writes. Among Ward’s advice for managers to build and maintain trust with their staff: Let your staff know what your values are and follow through on them, be transparent about your decisions, and […]

Gene Roberts’ advice for finding, keeping and maximizing talent in journalism

Longtime Philadelphia Inquirer editor Gene Roberts had a gift for seeing talent and opportunity where others couldn’t see it, colleague Don Barlett says. Roberts’ own advice for hiring, retaining, and making the most out of employees remains relevant for newsrooms today: “Virtually every hire should be part of a long-range master plan of journalistic excellence.”

How to use the ‘edge strategy’ to discover new business opportunities

Opportunity resides along the edges, Alan Lewis and Dan McKone write, or the borders between what your business does and what it doesn’t do. Lewis and McKone say there’s typically three kinds of “edges” framing a business: the boundary between the business and the customer, the points where the customer relationship currently begins and ends, […]

Why some say the culture of collaboration in the workplace has gone too far

“In modern business, collaboration is next to godliness,” but research is starting to show that there’s a downside to open office spaces. University of California, Irvine’s Gloria Mark has found that even short interruptions increase the time needed to complete a task by a significant amount, while other studies have shown that multitasking reduces the […]

25 simple ideas nonprofit (and for-profit) newsrooms can’t afford to ignore

Heading into 2016, Poynter’s Katie Hawkins-Gaar and Ren LaForme lay out 25 simple but essential ideas they observed in newsrooms in 2015. Though these ideas are targeted to nonprofit newsrooms, they remain relevant for other newsrooms as well. Some of their ideas include don’t pay for something (such as analytics software or other digital tools) […]

After backlash from staff, Daily Telegraph removes motion trackers from reporters’ desks

The Daily Telegraph in London says it will immediately remove motion trackers placed under reporters’ desks after staff reacted angrily to the trackers’ installation. The Telegraph told staff the trackers would be in place for four weeks to track energy use in the building, but many Telegraph employees thought the trackers were a way to […]

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