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The psychology behind how leaders effectively connect with their teams

Research shows that leaders connect with those they’re leading by quickly synchronizing their brain waves through high-quality conversations, Srini Pillay writes, putting leaders and teams on the same wavelength. Pillay outlines three ideas based in brain science that can help leaders connect with their teams: Leaders consciously decide to synchronize with their teams, they set […]

How the Financial Times is helping the newsroom better understand its metrics

The Financial Times is trying to make its metrics more accessible to the newsroom with a tool called Lantern. The goal of Lantern is to help the newsroom understand metrics beyond just pageviews, giving them information such as average time on page, what type of device readers are on, retention rate and average scroll depth. […]

The downside of Slack at work: ‘Group chat is like being in an all-day meeting with random participants and no agenda’

Group chat apps for the workplace such as Slack and Hipchat have some major advantages when it comes to improving workflows and internal communications, but Jason Fried writes that these apps also have their issues when used improperly. The potential downsides, Fried writes, include creating a culture where everything needs to be handled ASAP, a […]

GateHouse and New Media Investment Group agreed to keep the new owner of the Las Vegas Review-Journal a secret ‘indefinitely,’ SEC filings show

You might have heard: After the Las Vegas Review-Journal was purchased under mysterious circumstances, the family of casino owner Sheldon Adelson was identified as the new owner, but the family said it didn’t intend to keep the news a secret But did you know: According to New Media Investment Group’s 10-K filing with the Securities and […]

What are tomorrow’s managers learning from today’s managers?

Managers have a responsibility they need to take seriously, Butch Ward writes: The managers of the future are watching them and learning their own leadership styles from them. Ward charges managers to think about the lessons they learned from their own bosses, and to think about the lessons they’re passing on to future managers. Ward […]

Gawker Media’s new union contract gives better rights to freelancers

After voting to unionize last summer, Gawker Media passed its first labor contract on Tuesday. In addition to defining minimum salaries and annual raises, the new contract also redefines the rules for Gawker’s contract workers, designed to treat freelancers more fairly. Gawker is looking to move away from using permanent freelancers, and under the new […]

Why organizations often forget what they learned from big mistakes, and how to avoid forgetting

When a business makes a serious failure, the University of Texas at Austin assistant professor Francisco Polidoro Jr. says it triggers a learning cycle, forcing the organization to identify the root cause of the mistake and make changes in its processes and structure. But at the same time, organizations often face external pressure to change, […]

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