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Ken Doctor: Could Michael Ferro be preparing to sell Tronc?

You might have heard: Tribune Publishing is now tronc, and it plans to put out 2,000 videos a day through artificial intelligence But did you know: Tronc made a lot of noise when it was announced in late June. But since then, Ken Doctor notes, there’s been almost no big announcements about Tronc, nor has Gannett […]

Facebook’s advice for minimizing office politics: Open up communication and train politics out of conversations

Though office politics are often unavoidable, Facebook is trying to mitigate political behavior in its office before it becomes destructive. Facebook’s global head of engineering Jay Parikh lays out five strategies Facebook is using to minimize office politics. Those strategies include opening up communication so all employees feel comfortable raising concerns and “training” politics out […]

Why startups can’t rely on the ‘Uber for X’ model anymore

“The on-demand economy is more complicated than merely applying a clever business model to different service sectors,” Sarah Kessler writes. “None of the many startups that adopted Uber’s business model has managed to make it work as magnificently as Uber.” Many of the startups that adopted that model, such as Instacart (“Uber for groceries”) and […]

Poor communication between the editorial and business sides in journalism is holding the industry back from meaningful growth

The divisions between the editorial and business sides is holding news organizations back, Xavier van Leeuwe writes. Van Leeuwe calls on news organizations to “start connecting and appreciating those willing to work together” and for the business side to stop “sighing and complaining to each other in back rooms.” Van Leeuwe writes: “Cooperation works best […]

Why digital transformations require leaders to change some of their core beliefs

Many businesses, in the news industry and outside of it, believe they can transform into a digitally focused organization by making small tweaks, Barry Libert, Megan Beck and Jerry Wind write. But a real digital transformation requires a change in the leadership’s core beliefs. While industries are built around a set of traditional assumptions and […]

How to build trust with employees as people are staying at jobs for shorter tenures

Building employee trusts takes time — often longer than people are staying at jobs these days, BuildDirect CEO Jeff Booth writes. Booth explains how BuildDirect, a startup for home improvement products, is fostering trust with its employees, even as they’re staying in their jobs for shorter periods of time. Among his advice: Showing vulnerability accelerates […]

Tribune’s second largest shareholder wants the company to explore a sale, whether that’s to Gannett or another buyer

You might have heard: Gannett offered $815 million in cash to buy Tribune Publishing, an acquisition that some say is likely to be successful But did you know: Oaktree Capital Group LLC, Tribune’s second-largest shareholder, wants Tribune Publishing to explore a sale, possibly helping Gannett’s bid to buy Tribune for $815 million. Reuters reports that […]

What global leaders say makes an effective leader: High ethical standards and providing goals

In a survey of global leaders, Sunny Giles asked what makes a good leader? The respondents ranked high ethical and moral standards (67 percent), providing goals (59 percent), communicating expectations (56 percent) and flexibility (52 percent) as among the most important qualities. Giles says that when a leader holds a combination of these traits, it […]

5 tips for how to keep small teams efficient

Smaller teams are more likely to build relationships and make it harder for team members to slack off, but that doesn’t mean they’re without their own potential problems, startup founder John Rampton writes. Rampton shares his advice for keeping small teams efficient, including: Make regular check-ins with all members of the team, outsource tasks when […]

The communication tool isn’t the problem, it’s how your organization chooses to use it

Whether your team chooses to use Slack, Hipchat or another tool for communication, Pickcrew’s Jory MacKay writes that those tools can only be successful if expectations are set correctly from the start. MacKay writes: “If you hit your thumb with a hammer, you’re not going to go back to using a rock, are you? You’re […]