Leadership and management

The number of journalists at digital outlets tripled in the past decade, but now it’s starting to plateau

You might have heard: The American Society of News Editors says it will no longer estimate the number of journalists working in newsrooms (ASNE) But did you know: Analyzing the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Employment Statistics, Alex T. Williams finds that while the number of journalists at digital-native publishers has tripled in the past decade, […]

Why hiring managers should let their team members meet with job candidates

Most hiring processes are missing an important step, Christian Bonilla writes: Letting members of the team, not just managers, meet with the candidates. Bonilla explains that their points of view can help managers make a good hiring choice, but it’s also a good professional development opportunity for the team members, as well. “When a team […]

Why aren’t more women running media companies?

There’s an imbalance in the number of male and female CEOs in media, Jeremy Barr writes. Even at female-focused media outlets such as Refinery29 and Bustle, those companies are led by men. But in order for there to be more women CEOs, Vivian Schiller says more women have to be in that role already: “The […]

Unable to find a replacement for its executive director, the Sunlight Foundation will look to merge with another organization

You might have heard: After two years leading the Sunlight Foundation, executive director Christopher Gates stepped down in January (Poynter) But did you know: After its former executive director Christopher Gates left the organization earlier this year, the Sunlight Foundation’s board considered about two dozen candidates as his replacement. But none of those candidates “persuaded […]

When ad agencies focus on culture in the hiring process, a culture of exclusion can instead be created

Interview questions such as, “What’s your favorite TV show?” may seem innocuous: If you’re hiring someone, you might want to make sure they have things in common with other people at the company. But Shareen Pathak writes that ad agencies that have emphasized culture in the hiring process through similar questions are actually excluding people […]

Instead of focusing on your end goal, focus on what you need to do on a regular basis reach that goal

Goals aren’t a great way to ensure you get things done, James Clear writes. Instead, Clear says you should focus on the systems, or the things that you need to do on a regular basis that lead to the goal being reached. For example: If you’re a coach, and your goal is to win a […]

The risk of Tronc’s ‘just say no’ defense against Gannett’s bid: If Gannett doesn’t acquire Tronc, the company could be left to wither

“If [Michael] Ferro’s goal in resisting was to push up Gannett’s price, then he is doing a masterly job,” Steven Davidoff Soloman writes of Tronc’s “just say no” defense to Gannett’s bids thus far. “‘Just say no’ as a defense is a gamble. It depends on how steely the management and board are and what […]

BuzzFeed is dividing itself into two distinct departments — BuzzFeed News and BuzzFeed Entertainment

You might have heard: Some speculated earlier this year that BuzzFeed could curtail its news operations to focus on more profitable areas such as video and entertainment But did you know: BuzzFeed announced Tuesday that it is dividing into two as part of a company-wide reorganization. The two groups will be BuzzFeed News and a […]

If you’re an effective ‘thought leader,’ you’re helping solve a problem or a fill a need with your ideas

Business leaders tend to think of being a “thought leader” as a marketing strategy — a way of promoting your own ideas and work. But that’s a narrow way of thinking of it, John Rampton writes. A good “thought leader” is helping their audience solve a problem or fill a need with their ideas, and […]

Ailes’ departure could lead to a younger future for Fox News

“[Roger] Ailes was clearly the right person to make Fox News what it is today,” Felix Salmon writes, “but he was never quite as convincing in the role of the man who could successfully navigate its transition to new realities, let alone reach a younger audience that increasingly doesn’t watch television at all. Indeed, while […]