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Turning subject experts into journalists: 9 good questions with Robert Steiner

A fellowship program at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs recruits subject-matter experts – from scientists and lawyers to economists and cyber-experts – and over eight months trains them to become beat reporters by mentoring their work for a growing network of newspaper partners including The Dallas Morning News, The Globe and Mail […]

Carr on unpaid internships in publishing: “a good time to rethink the entire issue”

Following recent lawsuits regarding interns, David Carr gives an overview of the structural and business problems most publishers encounter as a result of unpaid internship programs. Few can access an internship that provides no income, which makes publishing a tough ladder for the underprivileged. It also affects the bottom line: a good internship program helps […]

Journalism schools should not require reporters to learn code

This isn’t a new debate, but Olga Khazan reignites the topic and argues that reporters do not need to “learn” how to “code.” Response to the piece has challenged the varying interpretations of the range of the word “learn,” whether it means exposure or mastering the skill; as well as the word “code” to mean […]

Journalism students aren’t receiving the education they need, says Eric Newton

You might have heard: Four major foundations launched a $1 million challenge fund to hack journalism education(Online News Association) But did you know: Newton, a senior advisor to the Knight Foundation, argues that journalism education isn’t evolving fast enough to keep pace with technological change. Newton suggests that journalism students who aren’t receiving the education they need […]

Why we need a better conversation about the future of journalism education

Two New York writers exchanged misfire recently about journalism education, and almost all of it was misdirected. Then the conversation they started died with damning faint praise. We should have that conversation, only a better one. The brouhaha began when media pugilist Michael Wolff in USA Today attacked the Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism as […]

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