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‘7 things I never learned in journalism school (because I never went)’

Sharing a presentation she made at the Entrepreneurial Journalism Educators Summit at CUNY last week, Hearken’s Jennifer Brandel says she believes she was able to create a series like Curious City (which solicits questions from the public) precisely because she didn’t go to journalism school. Brandel says because she never went to journalism school, she […]

In a highly polarized media landscape, how a journalism training program in Bolivia is finding political support

Bolivia’s media is highly polarized, but a new journalism training program is getting support from both sides. “Fundación para el Periodismo” is a one-year multimedia training program that intends to combine theory, practical training and work placement at both private and state-owned media outlets. The program is the first of its kind in Latin America. […]

Fact-checking and accountability journalism: Popular, effective — but sometimes misunderstood

Most people who studied journalism or communication at a broad selection of schools across the United States believe that fact-checking journalism — a relatively new form of accountability reporting in politics — is effective at improving political discourse, according to a new survey. About two-thirds of graduates of communication and journalism, or 65 percent, across […]

Who is a ‘journalist’ today, where they work and what they do

Significant numbers of journalism and communication graduates now practice what they consider journalism, even though they don’t work for traditional news organizations, our survey of journalism school graduates found. The survey probed this phenomenon with several questions, including asking people to explain in very granular terms what skills they employ in their work and what […]

Skills, knowledge and comfort levels with job skills

The survey also probed a series of questions about a range of different skill sets and asked people about their knowledge and comfort levels with them. One question in that sequence asked people about some two dozen skills that they might use in whatever their field and asked how important they thought each one was. […]

The career paths of people with communication degrees

After graduating, the great majority of these students (89%) did work in media, journalism, public relations or somewhere in communication, at least for some time. Most have had several such jobs. The largest number of people have had two to three jobs in media since graduation, and that doesn’t change much whether someone graduated between […]

Facing Change: The needs, attitudes and experiences of people in media

A new study of communication graduates finds that people in many different industries — from commercial brands to government and think tanks — now produce what they consider journalism, and while they are pessimistic about the direction of news in general, most believe their own work in the last five years has gotten better. In […]

Media research needs faster academic publishing methods

Many media scholars have long been frustrated with the delays in the academic publishing system, but Jeff Pooley says the system is a problem because it makes it impossible for media scholars to keep up with change in the industry. Delays that were once just a bit annoying can now be crippling, rendering research outdated […]

University of Florida partners with Yik Yak to create customized local news feed

At the University of Florida, journalism students are curating a feed of news and campus happenings in a partnership with anonymous social media app Yik Yak. About 20 pieces of content or “yaks” are created for the feed each day by students, and they’ll be experimenting with sharing breaking news and embedded links on the […]

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