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UK newspaper criticized for comparing candidates’ appearances

A local U.K. newspaper is being called “sexist” for a spread that compared the looks of nine political candidates. The Belfast Telegraph ran the spread under the headline “So, which candidates are topping the poles?” and included both male and female candidates. The Belfast Telegraph says the spread was “tongue in cheek” and was intended […]

Hong Kong’s English-language South China Morning Post launches an international edition

To capitalize on the world’s growing interest in China, Hong Kong’s English-language South China Morning Post launched an international edition. Online, 30 percent of the publication’s readers come from the  U.S. and China, with readers also in the U.K., Malaysia and other English-speaking countries. South China Morning Post is looking to expand its online readership […]

BBC’s strategy for chat apps: Go global to reach people who don’t read BBC News

BBC’s experiment with using Viber to share news and safety tips in Nepal is the organization’s fourth experiment with chat apps. Last year, BBC used WhatsApp in West Africa to share updates and health alerts about Ebola, and BBC used Mxit in South Africa for election coverage. BBC mobile editor Trushar Barot says BBC’s goal […]

Report find press freedom is at a 10-year low

In its 35th annual Freedom of the Press Report, Freedom House found that press freedom has declined over the past decade to its lowest point in more than 10 years. The report found that only 14 percent of the world lives in a country with a free press, meaning 1 in 7 people live somewhere […]

How BuzzFeed approaches international expansion: Examine the markets, start with buzz

When deciding where to expand internationally, BuzzFeed’s vice president for international Scott Lamb says they closely examine the market to look for “big trends that speak well to what BuzzFeed is and does.” In Mexico, that was the fact that the country spends the second-highest amount of time on social media in the world. Once […]

Why Google’s Digital News Initiative in Europe is good for publishers

Google’s Digital News Initiative will help publishers think differently and act on new ideas, The Guardian’s general manager of new digital businesses Matt McAlister says. Without a system for reinventing the way you work and supporting inevitable failures, McAlister says publishers will only change incrementally and be unable to keep up with the rapid changes […]

Google partners with publishers in Europe to launch Digital News Initiative

Google is launching a $150 million partnership with publishers in Europe for a three-year Digital News Initiative focusing on “core industry issues.” The initiative is likely designed to counteract the European Union’s action against Google’s marketplace dominance. At least seven European publishers are already involved, including The Financial Times, The Guardian and Italy’s La Stampa. […]

A British newspaper relaunches with a focus on printing content from readers

A relaunch of U.K. newspaper Burton Mail is bringing more pages and extra sections, but the newspaper’s editor Emma Turton is emphasizing the role of readers in the newspaper’s future. With the relaunch and redesign, Turton says the staff will be able to create more interesting pages and give readers more of a voice. An […]

How U.K.’s Channel 4 News is telling stories with GIFs

U.K.’s Channel 4 News’ “4NewsWall” is a standalone site hosted by Tumblr that displays news stories with animated GIFs. 4NewsWall is targeted to an audience of 16- to 34-year-olds and was created by Channel 4’s in-house creative team 4Creative. The leaders of the project from 4Creative said: “Creating a GIF for a serious news story […]

Twitter teams up with two local British newspapers to hold election forums

The Birmingham Mail and Camden New Journal partnered with Twitter to hold online election forums between candidates and voters. At each newspaper’s event, candidates were quizzed on issues under hashtags and responded by Twitter, which was then followed by an open discussion around questions sourced from Twitter. Camden New Journal’s deputy editor Richard Osley says: […]

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