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After going digital-only 7 years ago, a U.K. magazine returns to print

The Salford Star, a magazine with a focus on investigative journalism, returned to print last week seven years after it went online-only. The print edition was reinstated after a team of volunteers raised money from readers, with enough money already raised for one more print edition. Future print editions will depend on advertising.

Nieman Fellow uses flash drives to distribute news to people without Internet in Cuba

In Cuba, only about 5 percent of people have access to the Internet, making it difficult for Cuban bloggers to reach most Cubans. Nieman Fellow Elaine Diaz’s solution to this distribution problem is to use flash drives to distribute content like television shows, magazines, and games. Diaz, who is from Cuba, plans to launch Periodismo […]

25 global news organizations agree to share climate change content ahead of UN summit

Publishers including The Guardian, El País and Le Monde are partnering as the Climate Publishers Network to share climate change content ahead of the next UN summit. Twenty-five publishers are scrapping licensing fees, allowing members of the partnership to freely re-publish articles. The alliance will expand beyond its founding partners until it disbands on the […]

Content-recommendation platform Taboola moving into China

Chinese web company Baidu is investing in Taboola in order to bring the content-recommendation platform into China. In order to bring Taboola to China, Baidu may have invested between $20 million and $30 million in the company. Widgets from Taboola show sponsored and unsponsored links on publishers’ websites, usually at the bottom of an article […]

Colombian newspapers fail to stop news aggregating website from using their content

A Colombian government agency that controls unfair competition and consumers’ rights denied a request from a group of 11 Colombian newspapers to stop a news aggregator website from using their content. Newspapers including El Colombiano, El Tiempo and El País requested precautionary measures against, a website that launched in December 2013 and describes itself […]

Trinity Mirror’s UsVsTh3m and Ampp3d to be shut down as the company expands

Ahead of Trinity Mirror’s expansion into North America, digital media brands UsVsTh3m and Ampp3d will be closed. Projects such as UsVsTh3m that took a BuzzFeed-style approach to quizzes and games and Ampp3d that focused on data journalism have been credited with helping grow Trinity Mirror’s online audience in the last two years. Both projects were […]

Election coverage tips from the Financial Times: Use the election to experiment

With the U.K.’s general election held yesterday, the Financial Times shares the lessons learned during this year’s election season. Elections are a good time to experiment with new story forms and ideas, such as using Periscope to live stream election events. Communities editor Sarah Laitner recommends being strategic with your paywall, and picking several “news-you-can-use” […]

Condé Nast begins its first digital-only launch with Ars Technica UK

Condé Nast is in its first digital-only title launch, Ars Technica U.K., which has been published in the United States since 1998. The U.K. version will be edited by Sebastian Anthony and employs three other writers. Condé Nast says Ars Technica U.K. will specialize in deep analysis of technology trends and will have a significant […]

How a UK startup wants to reinvent online articles by focusing on issues over news

The best way to introduce a reader to a new topic isn’t always through an inverted pyramid format, Jeremy Evans says. That’s his idea behind “Explaain,” a site with articles about “issues, not news.” Evans plans to launch over the next few months a reinvented version of the online article where readers can click on […]

How NPR’s Seoul bureau chief uses Tumblr to complement her reporting

NPR’s new Seoul bureau chief Elise Hu uses her Tumblr blog Elise Goes East to share stories and tidbits both serious and silly from her experiences living halfway around the world. Hu shares information that doesn’t make it into her NPR stories and observations about Seoul, where she’s lived since March. Since Hu started the […]

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