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Following the launch of its Arabic edition, Huffington Post promises to protect its contributors

Huffington Post’s new Arabic language edition called HuffPost Arabi will cover a particularly dangerous area for journalists, but Arianna Huffington says the organization will protect its contributors to the Arabic edition. Huffington Post will provide legal support and coverage on the Huffington Post for any contributors who are persecuted due to opinions published on the […]

Newsweek is ending its Europe edition just 18 months after it began

IBT Media is shuttering its European edition of Newsweek 18 months after it began publishing. Newsweek will continue to be distributed in Europe, but the product will be produced in the United States with fewer regional stories. Three months ago, a new design, new features and new contributors were announced for the European edition of […]

How a team of more than 50 journalists partnered to investigate the World Bank

Led by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, a team of more than 50 journalists from more than 20 organizations partnered together to investigate the World Bank for projects that left people physically or economically displaced. Because the story was spread through so many countries, ICIJ senior editor Michael Hudson says the news organizations benefited […]

Australians consume the most international news, but don’t like political news as much

According to a survey of 12 countries completed by News & Media Research Centre at University of Canberra, Australians rate international news as more important than Americans or Europeans. However, Australians also rated political news as lower importance than national news, sport, economic news and local news. The countries surveyed included Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, […]

Trinity Mirror Midlands journalists rebel against individual audience targets

Following cuts in Trinity Mirror’s Midlands newsrooms, the company planned to give reporters individual online audience targets, a plan journalists in those newsrooms in Birmingham and Coventry are now working against. The National Union of Journalists said journalists in Coventry “believe the new targets will be a threat to journalistic quality, as easy, fluffy stories and […]

After publishing an editorial in response to FIFA scandal, Cayman Islands newspaper publishers forced to flee

When the Cayman Compass published an editorial in response to the FIFA scandals saying the Cayman Islands are “culturally steeped” in corruption, it caught the attention of prominent politician Alden McLaughlin. The daily newspaper’s publishers David and Vicki Legge have now had to seek refuge in Florida, and they’re not sure when or if they’ll […]

Major German newspapers sign onto Blendle

Blendle, the Dutch startup that allows users to pay-per-article, signed up all of the major German newspapers, adding 18 daily newspapers and 15 weeklies. The micropayment model is dependent on well-known publications participating, so the addition of major German newspapers is a big move for Blendle in testing its hypothesis that readers will pay for […]

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