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The Guardian launches an international homepage for readers outside the US, UK and Australia

Readers outside the U.S., U.K. and Australia will now see a new international homepage from The Guardian. Since The Guardian’s website was relaunched earlier this year, Caspar Llewellyn Smith writes that two-thirds of its audience comes from outside the U.K. “While we already serve readers in the U.S. and Australia with their own editions, we […]

The New York Times’ local printer in Thailand chose not to publish Tuesday’s edition due to an article on the Thai monarchy

The local printer in Thailand of The New York Times’ international edition decided not to print Tuesday’s edition due to a front-page article on the future of the Thai monarchy it said was “too sensitive to print.” Laws in Thailand restrict open discussion of the royal family. The article discussed the declining health of Thailand’s […]

8,000 journalists have been accredited to cover Pope Francis’ visit to the US

Pope Francis’ arrival in Washington, D.C., today kicks off a six-day tour through the U.S., a historic event that media organizations are in a frenzy to cover. Politico Media reports that 8,000 journalists worldwide have been accredited to cover the visit. A more selective pool of journalists called Vatican Accredited Media Personnel, which includes journalists […]

Arrest of Vice reporters highlights Turkey’s crackdown on media and Internet freedoms

Two Vice News reporters were released from a Turkish prison earlier this week, but Michael Pizzi writes that their arrests highlight a larger trend in Turkey of using terrorism as a reason to crack down on media and Internet freedoms. Pizzi writes that the two journalists were arrested because their Iraqi “fixer” downloaded encryption software […]

Turkey charges two British Vice News journalists with aiding a terrorist group

Two British journalists and their local “fixer” have been charged with aiding an unidentified terrorist group in Turkey. Jake Hanrahan, Philip Pendlebury and a local journalist who serves as a translator and guide have been detained in southeast Turkey since Thursday evening. Amnesty International UK called for the release of the journalists: “The decision to […]

Chinese journalist detained for fabricating and spreading false information about stock market

A Chinese journalist admitted to spreading false information that led to “panic and disorder” at China’s stock market, according to reports by state-run news agency Xinhua. Wang Xiaolu, a journalist for Caijing magazine, wrote a story in July that said the securities regulator was studying plans for government funds to exit the market, which China […]

Global Guides: 10 Good Questions with WorldFixer’s Mike Garrod

Pursuing a story in a foreign area can be complicated and dangerous. Enter “fixers,” local people who for years have been helping journalists and other visitors make arrangements during foreign assignments. The duties of fixers vary by industry and project. In journalism, a fixer might be someone who knows a city well and can handle […]

How Mashable used user-generated content to create an interactive story on Syria

Syria is one of the most dangerous countries for journalists, leading to less news coming out of the country, but Mashable took advantage of user-generated content to get a window into the country. “Raqqa: An Inside Story” includes a longform piece and interactive that were created with verified user-generated information that tells the story of […]

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