International journalism

With a lack of female foreign correspondents, the world is being portrayed through a predominantly male lens

A predominantly male field of foreign correspondents has an impact on the stories reported, The Fuller Project for International Reporting’s Christina Asquith writes. Even as more women break into the field, male correspondents are recognized for their work two and a half times more often than their female colleagues, Asquith says. She writes: “How journalists […]

China’s new regulations requiring foreign media to receive approval before publishing online adds another hurdle for publishers

China’s new restrictions on foreign media go into effect in March, but Committee to Protect Journalists’ Bob Dietz says it’s not yet clear what the new restrictions will mean for publishers. News organizations like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal do not actually publish in China, and their servers are located outside […]

BuzzFeed launches in Japan as a partnership with Yahoo Japan

BuzzFeed launched its 11th international edition Tuesday, but BuzzFeed Japan is different than the other international editions because it’s a partnership with Yahoo Japan. The Financial Times reported last summer that BuzzFeed owns a 51 percent stake in the Japanese edition, while Yahoo Japan owns 49 percent. Joseph Lichterman writes that a key difference with […]

Newsweek is adding more staff in Europe and expanding its coverage of foreign affairs and sports

While Newsweek is hiring more senior staff in Europe, it’s also planning to increase its foreign affairs and sports coverage across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Europe editor-in-chief Matt McAllester says Newsweek’s sports coverage will focus on sports that are popular across EMEA and coverage will include “deep dives into topics like doping in […]

Margaret Sullivan: NYT has little control over censorship by local distributors because it doesn’t get a chance to contest those decisions

After an article on the killings of secular bloggers in Bangladesh was removed from the international edition of The New York Times in Pakistan, public editor Margaret Sullivan examines how that kind of censorship can happen. NYT was not given a chance to contest the article’s removal, and International New York Times president Stephen Dunbar-Johnson […]

How the BBC is using technology to increase its global reach

The BBC has a goal of increasing its global reach to 500 million people weekly by 2022, up from 308 million today. To reach that goal, the BBC is relying heavily on new technology to fuel its growth. To personalize news for a global audience and take advantage of its archives, the BBC created a […]

Aiming to influence the media, Alibaba buys the South China Morning Post

Chinese Internet giant Alibaba is buying the South China Morning Post in what executives say is an attempt to change the “negative” media coverage of China in the Western world. South China Morning Post has been known for reporting on subjects China’s state-run media outlets could not cover, such as political scandals and human rights […]

To change how it finds and hires global talent, Quartz is creating a ‘talent lab’

Through a new “talent lab,” Quartz wants to formalize how it discovers and develops international journalists. Ricardo Bilton writes that the “talent lab” is “one part talent network, one part skill incubator, and a way for Quartz to increase its global coverage without breaking the bank.” Editor of new initiatives Xana Antunes says: “The idea […]

Western European newspapers’ coverage of the migration crisis was more sympathetic after images of drowned boy were published

According to a new report from the European Journalism Observatory, images that were published of a drowned Syrian boy, whose family was trying to reach Greece, on a Turkish beach led to more sympathetic coverage of migrants and refugees by Western European newspapers. But within a week, most had reverted to their original coverage, and […]

Mashable launches a local edition in India, its fourth international launch in 18 months

Mashable launched its India edition on Tuesday, following launches over the last 18 months in the U.K., Australia and Southeast Asia. Mashable is partnering with for its India edition, and will have editorial teams based in Mumbai and New Delhi. Adam Ostrow, Mashable’s chief strategy officer, says India is already one of its top […]