International journalism

The Washington Post will expand into Europe through its Opinions section

Led by Anne Applebaum, The Washington Post is planning an expansion into Europe with a new Global Opinions section. Editorial page editor Fred Hiatt says the objective of Global Opinions is to “tap into the debates and discussions happening in countries around the world and offer a variety of perspectives that explore how the international […]

The New York Times’ plan for international expansion includes turning casual foreign readers into regulars

You might have heard: The New York Times is trying to double its digital revenue to $800 million by 2020 But did you know: With its eye on 10 key international markets, The New York Times announced in April that it would spent $50 million over the next three years to grow on an international […]

The New York Times is closing its editing and print production offices in Paris, eliminating 70 jobs

The New York Times is changing how it thinks about its international edition, and closing its editing and print production offices in Paris. The International New York Times will be redesigned, and editing and print production will take place in New York and Hong Kong. The New York Times currently employs 113 people in Paris, […]

Alibaba’s Jack Ma is paying South China Morning Post journalists ‘cash gifts’ as an incentive to stay

After buying the South China Morning Post in late 2015, Jack Ma is now paying full-time and part-time journalists at the newspaper “cash gifts” as much as $1,933 USD as an incentive to stay with the paper. Dozens of employees have left the company since the deal was announced in December, Quartz reports, with many […]

The owner of The Paper, a Chinese news outlet overseen by the Communist Party, is launching an English-language site

The Paper is a new media success story in China, and now it’s trying to find that same success abroad: The owners of The Paper will launch an English-language website called Sixth Tone today. But what sets The Paper apart from other new media success stories is that it’s overseen by China’s Communist Party at […]

When tragedies in other countries are ignored, they’re often covered by news organizations and ignored by the readers

Complaints on social media that tragedies in faraway countries (such as the attack in Pakistan) are ignored sometimes have a valid point, Charles J. Johnson writes. People in Western countries don’t care much about those stories, but Johnson says that’s not the media’s fault. Johnson writes: “If the reader response to the Pakistan story had […]

Mic plans to become a major force in European media by tailoring its brand to its European audience

In the United States, Mic’s brand is the news site for “college-educated millennials.” But as it plans to expand into Europe, founder and CEO Chris Altchek says it will after to alter that vision for its European offshoots. Altchek says that going to college in the U.S. is a big accomplishment but in Europe, it’s […]

Martin Belam: Terrorist attacks outside of Western Europe aren’t covered as thoroughly because it’s harder to get people to care about those stories

You’ll often see people complain that terrorist attacks outside of Western Europe aren’t covered well enough, but Martin Belam writes there’s a reason for that: Data shows that it’s hard to get people to read those stories. It’s also easier and less expensive for reporters based in Western Europe to get to cities such as […]

Al-Jazeera will cut as many as 500 jobs, and many of those will come from its Qatar headquarters

Just two months after it announced it would close its United States offshoot, Al-Jazeera says it will cut about 500 jobs, with many of those coming from Qatar. Al-Jazeera currently employs about 4,500 people, making the cuts about 11 percent of its workforce. The Associated Press reports that the economy in Qatar is currently struggling […]

Mashable is launching a French-language site in partnership with France 24

Mashable and international news TV channel France 24 will launch a French-language edition of Mashable. The new site, which will be called Mashable avec France 24, will also receive support from Google’s innovation fund as part of its Digital News Initiative in Europe. Mashable avec France 24’s editorial team will be made up of staff […]