Fostering innovation

How to generate and pursue innovative ideas

The Boston Globe recently launched a new website focused on Catholic news and information, a coffee blog, a site covering technology and startups in the Boston area, a redesign of, and a new political site, among other initiatives. But David Skok, digital advisor to the editor-in-chief, says people should not focus on all of […]

How The Washington Post live-streamed the creation of Wednesday night’s sports page on Periscope

On Wednesday night, thousands of people watched the creation of the next day’s sports page on Periscope, asking questions and giving suggestions. The live-stream, which had 9,200 viewers, was a spur of the moment idea, and the Post is planning more opportunities to use Periscope in the future. Designer Dan Worthington says: “It was a […]

5 things innovative companies have in common

The gap between aspiring for innovation and achieving innovation can be large, but Gary Hamel and Nancy A. Tenant outline five things companies that have successfully fostered innovation have in common. Innovative companies have a sharp definition of what innovation means to them, and it’s widely understood by everyone at the company. These companies are […]

How to integrate start-up culture in a traditional news organization

Newsrooms and tech start-ups have much in common. Both are fast-paced, have intellectually curious staff, and strive to stay ahead of the latest developments. But newsrooms also have long-standing routines that govern their day-to-day work and hierarchical management structures that are out-of-step with typical start-up culture. Injecting a bit of start-up ethos into the newsroom […]

How to stay creative when working on deadline

When on deadline, creativity can be stifled under the pressure of meeting the deadline. To stay creative while working on deadline, put together a brainstorming session and move past the notion that it matters who came up with an idea. If the ideas aren’t coming, get an outside perspective, whether that’s from an editor or […]

How to start conversations that inspire innovative thinking

The best way to start innovative thinking in the office isn’t forcing a brainstorming session but rather creating an ongoing conversation, according to Bruce Strong, co-author of “Strategic Conversations: Creating And Directing The Entrepreneurial Workforce.” In these strategic conversations, provide a strong vision and problems to be addressed, but let employees find the solutions. Offer […]

Five creative strategies and ‘growth hacks’ startups used to spur growth

Some “growth hacks” are just well-known business conventions, but five startups took inventive approaches to grow the new companies into something bigger. Zappos encouraged happiness in the workplace, creating passionate employees who made the customers they worked with happy as well. At Buffer, embracing transparency by posting the names of all employees and their salaries […]

What can publishers learn from experimenting on a new tool like Meerkat?

Video-streaming app Meerkat has received much attention in tech and media circles, and while some may be writing about its effects on reporting and politics (e.g. former Senior Adviser to President Obama Dan Pfeiffer), we don’t know yet know if it will take off. Ricardo Bilton’s report on how publishers like Mashable and BBC are […]

How do you make ‘digital creativity’ as familiar as writing?

The BBC unveiled details this week on its Make It Digital initiative, a partnership with 50 organizations, including Google, Microsoft and Samsung, which includes giving coding devices to every 11-year-old in the UK (about 1 million). The project aims to “inspire the digital visionaries of the future” with an ambition to “help digital creativity become […]

How journalists can stay connected without conferences, through Slack or Hangouts

Melody Kramer writes about how journalists are interacting and learning from each other when attending conferences isn’t an option. While email can achieve some connection, creating Slack channels like @ModernoJourno or Google Hangouts leaves room for more informal interaction and reduces stress. “Having a chat room or regular Hangout feels more intimate than a Facebook […]