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How do you make ‘digital creativity’ as familiar as writing?

The BBC unveiled details this week on its Make It Digital initiative, a partnership with 50 organizations, including Google, Microsoft and Samsung, which includes giving coding devices to every 11-year-old in the UK (about 1 million). The project aims to “inspire the digital visionaries of the future” with an ambition to “help digital creativity become […]

How journalists can stay connected without conferences, through Slack or Hangouts

Melody Kramer writes about how journalists are interacting and learning from each other when attending conferences isn’t an option. While email can achieve some connection, creating Slack channels like @ModernoJourno or Google Hangouts leaves room for more informal interaction and reduces stress. “Having a chat room or regular Hangout feels more intimate than a Facebook […]

The importance of creating a budget for innovation

In this report on finding new ideas from within at Adobe Systems, David Burkus writes that “Adobe feared that its most creative ideas weren’t ever getting tested because they had to be sold to management first, to even be given a budget for prototyping.” To avoid that, management created a Kickbox, “a small, red cardboard […]

Fusion will act as a digital testing ground for ABC and Univision

You might have heard: Fusion, a news and entertainment cable network for millennials from ABC and Univision, launches its new website (The Atlantic) But did you know: This interview with Fusion’s editor of digital Jane Spencer covers a range of details such as how the project has shifted from aiming at English-speaking millennials with Hispanic […]

Understand what characteristics make something ‘innovative’

Emphasizing the user experience of a product is crucial when launching something new. Design teams that account for how people adopt innovation stand a much greater chance of having users accept and actually use their products, writes Victor Yocco. In this second essay on building new products with the process of user adoption in mind, Yocco […]

BBC launches Taster, an initiative for testing new storytelling and receiving audience feedback

As news organizations seek to better foster innovation and better identify new storytelling forms for their audience, the BBC is taking its experimentation public. The new “BBC Taster” will house experimental efforts such as “interactive, short-form or social content, online features and services, and other ideas from left-field,” opening up that innovation process to the […]

How product teams can test assumptions quickly rather than betting big

“Most of the breakout hit mobile apps of the past few years have come out of startups, and that’s in large part because startups, because of their nimbleness and lack of bureaucracy, are generally better suited to taking risks on new products and then getting them out the door quickly,” writes Peter Rojas, who is […]

The tangible results of a weekend hackathon on digital video

A Hacking Journalism event sponsored by Conde Nast,,, Ramp and Future of News this weekend in New York gathered journalists, developers and other creatives and resulted in a number of project prototypes looking to rethink digital video, displayed here. Projects include Catch Up, a browser-based app for watching videos of a news event […]

To foster innovation, structure teams for responsiveness more than efficiency

“Efficiency is great if you can plan for the long-term,” says Adam Pisoni, co-founder of Yammer. But because efficiency, by design, locks in roles, processes and practices, it also makes it much harder to change. As news organizations seek to find sustainability without a clear prediction of how the future will unfold, prioritizing responsiveness over […]

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