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Lessons for the journalism industry from the tech world: Don’t be afraid of mistakes and ‘give your weird ideas a chance’

Christopher Guess says journalism’s obsession with perfection is holding it back from fostering new ideas. The thinking that new products shouldn’t be seen by the public until they’re absolutely perfect is one the technology industry was also held back by, Guess says, leading to slow iterations of software and hardware, which the Internet transformed. Guess […]

Shazna Nessa: Data journalists will become integrated with newsrooms

Nessa, the Knight Foundation’s director of journalism, says data journalists will become integrated with newsrooms, just as web production teams did. Instead of having a specialized data team in the newsroom, data journalists could specialize in a beat while becoming fully integrated into the newsroom. Nessa says: “I love the idea that … there’s somebody […]

Startups can compete against established companies because of more nimble processes

Inside and outside journalism, many startups have quickly won market share from more established and traditional competitors, often decomposing markets into more niche areas. Hemant Taneja says startups are in a position to do this because their teams are designed to iterate quickly, which then allows the startup to offer a better product. Taneja also […]

How to break free from legacy technologies

New technologies hold potential for new ways to serve customers, but established companies can find it difficult to abandon the technologies they’ve used for so long. To spur the adoption of new technologies, Willy C. Shih says established organizations should encourage experimentation with new tools and methods. Shih also recommends designing systems so that they […]

Our plan for enabling news innovation through culture change

Based on this new research, API has designed a strategy that we believe is an unusual, human-centered and flexible program of consultation, education, outreach and support to help news organizations enable innovation and problem solving for the future. We see the key first step for an organization as a personalized assessment of its current culture, […]

How to create a culture and structure for innovation

It’s an old line, but David Skok said it bears repeating: Skok is digital advisor to the editor-in-chief of the Boston Globe, and a former Nieman Fellow. He spent his year at Harvard studying and collaborating with the creator of disruptive innovation theory, Clayton Christensen. They co-authored an article about disruption in the news industry. […]

The path to creating innovative culture in news organizations

In the tech startup world a now-famous phrase has been coined: “culture eats strategy for breakfast,” and it has been extended to include “technology for lunch, and products for dinner, and soon thereafter everything else too.” Culture is shaped by many factors. There are professional mores, industrial processes, internal structures, communication, personnel, accumulated habits, and […]

Innovative leaders set, enforce, but also nurture priorities

For decades the Russ family of Austria has run a successful newspaper and printing company. Their flagship publication was the dominant player in Western Austria, but in the 1990s Eugen Russ, the company’s managing director, saw the digital future coming. He began visiting Silicon Valley and studying disruptive innovation theory. Russ realized he needed to […]

New report: News organization culture shift essential to propelling innovation

Research identifies practical steps to advance newsroom transformation in the digital age ARLINGTON, Va. (May 27, 2015) — A report released today by the American Press Institute sheds new light on how news organizations can foster the adoption of new tools, business models, storytelling and other forms of innovation. Supported by the John S. and James […]

The best practices for innovation within news organizations

Innovation. It’s a word thrown around at lot in journalism today. There are innovation editors, teams, vice presidents, programs, and chairs at journalism schools. The New York Times produced a widely dissected internal innovation report. At a time of massive disruption and transformation, innovation is an imperative for news organizations. But it’s also a vague […]

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