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How Fusion is automating the process of collecting and tagging images from the 2016 election

Fusion’s Political Image Machine captures every image the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, a process that Fusion has automated. Fusion is using a product called Clarifai to assign automatic tags to the almost 70,000 images, which uses a deep learning algorithm and allows images to be added in real-time. […]

How Upworthy gets its staff to bond when most employees are working remotely

Upworthy’s co-founder Peter Koechley says the company’s culture is driven by the desire to make a difference with its work, but building that culture wasn’t simple when most employees are scattered across the country. Some ways that Upworthy brought employees together to build that culture is through company-wide “watch parties” where employees tune in through […]

Research shows that treating workers well leads to more innovation

There’s a reason a job at Facebook or Google comes with so many perks, Walter Frick writes: Research shows companies who treat their employees better are more innovative. In a paper currently under review, researchers from Monash University and LaTrobe University in Australia found that companies with higher “worker treatment scores” produced more highly cited […]

How a culture of experimentation helped Quartz’s three-person video team get 45 million views on platforms in 6 months

When Quartz hired a three-person video team six months ago, there were few expectations other than to let the team have creative freedom. Editor in chief Kevin Delaney says from the start, the video team was not given pre-roll constraints, advertising, or traffic expectations, allowing them freedom to experiment. Quartz’s team creates videos that live on […]

A new Slackbot called Howdy can run your meetings for you

Howdy co-founder Ben Brown writes, “What if you had a coworker who could take the most boring, repetitive and mundane tasks off of your plate and perform them with tireless dedication, endless patience and perfect accuracy?” That’s the vision guiding Howdy, an automation tool released Tuesday for Slack. Howdy automates meetings by asking team members […]

Digital transformation of major newsrooms focus of new Temple University project supported by $1.3 million from Knight Foundation

The Dallas Morning News, the Philadelphia Media Network and the Miami Herald to participate in the Knight-Temple Table Stakes Project Philadelphia — Oct. 19, 2015 — Temple University’s School of Media and Communication will launch a project that brings together respected news organizations to act as testing grounds for new mobile and digital practices with $1.3 […]

Tips from espnW’s founder for starting a business within an existing business

When Laura Gentile founded women’s sports network espnW five years ago, she essentially started a new business within an existing company. Gentile offers her advice for pitching a new startup within your existing company: Arm yourself with research and data that shows there’s a market and a reason your idea will work, and build a […]

How automated Twitter bots try to spread the news

When I hear about bots, or software designed to act like humans on social networks, the first thing that pops into my mind is automated accounts spewing spam across the Internet. Not all bots are bad, though. In fact, some Twitter bots are circulating valuable news and information, according to a forthcoming research article by […]

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