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The Washington Post’s new feature to re-engage distracted readers was conceived on the business side and is being tested on by editorial

The Washington Post’s new feature called “Re-Engage” aims to capture the attention of distracted readers by offering other story suggestions from the Post’s website. The idea of Re-Engage was conceived on the business side of the Post, but the editorial side is the one testing the tool as it rolls out to all sections of […]

Why Storyful thinks of all of its journalists as innovators

Storyful’s internal “10 commandments” define what the company is and the philosophies behind their work. Focusing on encouraging everyone at Storyful to push the boundaries, founder and director of innovation Mark Little defines the 10th commandment as: “A Storyful journalist is also an innovator. We each have a responsibility to constantly push boundaries and challenge […]

How to use the ‘edge strategy’ to discover new business opportunities

Opportunity resides along the edges, Alan Lewis and Dan McKone write, or the borders between what your business does and what it doesn’t do. Lewis and McKone say there’s typically three kinds of “edges” framing a business: the boundary between the business and the customer, the points where the customer relationship currently begins and ends, […]

Why the publisher’s homepage is making a comeback

“With the rise of social and search, the publisher homepage was left for dead,” Ricardo Bilton writes, but the homepage is starting to slow return to relevance. More publishers are seeing the homepage as a way to make a statement for their brand, instead of just a “front door” for traffic to articles. Co-founder of […]

25 simple ideas nonprofit (and for-profit) newsrooms can’t afford to ignore

Heading into 2016, Poynter’s Katie Hawkins-Gaar and Ren LaForme lay out 25 simple but essential ideas they observed in newsrooms in 2015. Though these ideas are targeted to nonprofit newsrooms, they remain relevant for other newsrooms as well. Some of their ideas include don’t pay for something (such as analytics software or other digital tools) […]

Slack is developing software to simplify the process of building third-party bots

New software from Slack called Botkit aims to make it easier to produce third-party bots for the workplace messaging platform. Botkit will also include a directory to make finding these bots easier, and an investment fund will be created to back developers who want to make apps for Slack. Owen Thomas writes that while bots […]

‘Everything you are afraid to ask about Slack etiquette’

Slack has made its way into many newsrooms, changing the way we communicate in the workplace. Michael Grothaus and Rose Pastore have put together a comprehensive guide to navigating Slack etiquette. Among their advice, be mindful of who you’re Slack-ing with, don’t treat Slack like Facebook Messenger, and make sure to mention people by name, […]

How publishers are using Slack as a content tool in addition to a communication tool

“Slack the communications tool has for some publishers become Slack the publishing tool,” Ricardo Bilton writes. Some ways that publishers are using Slack for publishing content: The New York Times has live-blogged events through Slack, Breaking News lets news organizations submit story tips through Slack, and AJ Plus integrated Slack as an extension of its […]

Why people are more creative when scarcity forces them to make the best of a situation

According to a new study from Illinois University professor Ravi Mehta, ready-made solutions to problems can actually make people less creative. Through a series of experiments, Mehta’s research found that people are more creative when they’re forced to make the best of a situation and come up with alternative uses for an object. Charlie Sorrell […]

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