Fostering innovation

3 crucial steps for a successful digital transformation in newsrooms

News organizations often get stuck with digital transformation projects, finding the idea of getting started daunting. Dietmar Schantin says there’s three essential steps for digital transformation in newsrooms: A powerful vision needs to be conveyed to the entire organization, the parts of the organization that will be affected need to be identified, and leaders for […]

How the Times of London is making Slack its ‘hub for everything’

Slack’s senior manager of accounts James Sherrett says Slack is an “iceberg product”: There’s more beneath the surface than what you first see. “People get that it is a communications platform; then, they get that you can use it for file sharing, then integrating it with apps. The further you go with it the more […]

How to decide what tools are the right tools to use in your newsroom

There’s tons of tools available to newsrooms, NPR’s Brian Boyer writes. “Every tool forces you down a path,” Boyer writes, making it important to determine what tools are the right tools for your newsroom. Boyer’s advice for picking the right tools: “Before you select a tool, you must first intimately understand the problem you’re trying […]

To make room for innovation in your organization, consider shutting down your newsroom for a week

For a week in February, podcasting startup Gimlet Media published no new content. Instead, the entire staff participated in Mix Week, designed to get the company’s editorial and business sides working together. Staff spent part of the week creating pilots for new shows, but senior editor Peter Clowney says the goal wasn’t coming up with […]

The scientific reason why your first idea is rarely your best one

Neurologist David Eagleman says there’s a scientific reason why your first idea isn’t usually your best one: Our brains are lazy, and the first idea we have is usually the handiest idea, rather than the best idea. To get your brain to your best idea, Eagleman says: “The key to innovation is to distrust the […]

The downside of Slack at work: ‘Group chat is like being in an all-day meeting with random participants and no agenda’

Group chat apps for the workplace such as Slack and Hipchat have some major advantages when it comes to improving workflows and internal communications, but Jason Fried writes that these apps also have their issues when used improperly. The potential downsides, Fried writes, include creating a culture where everything needs to be handled ASAP, a […]

To work from home more efficiently, find ways to connect more often and create good documentation of practices

As Vox Media’s Elite Truong prepares to make the move from New York to a smaller city, and more employees elsewhere work remotely, she lists some ideas for how to work from home more efficiently. Among the ideas: Stay connected by finding ways to see each other through Skype or Google Hangouts and encouraging people […]

Why Quartz is using Medium to document its move to a new office

“Moving offices can be a pain, but it’s also an opportunity to take stock of how the company has grown what it could still become,” Quartz’s Zach Seward writes. To do that, Quartz is documenting its move to a new office on Medium, writing about topics including how to capture a company’s culture in a […]

The Washington Post’s new feature to re-engage distracted readers was conceived on the business side and is being tested on by editorial

The Washington Post’s new feature called “Re-Engage” aims to capture the attention of distracted readers by offering other story suggestions from the Post’s website. The idea of Re-Engage was conceived on the business side of the Post, but the editorial side is the one testing the tool as it rolls out to all sections of […]

Why Storyful thinks of all of its journalists as innovators

Storyful’s internal “10 commandments” define what the company is and the philosophies behind their work. Focusing on encouraging everyone at Storyful to push the boundaries, founder and director of innovation Mark Little defines the 10th commandment as: “A Storyful journalist is also an innovator. We each have a responsibility to constantly push boundaries and challenge […]