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Fact checking and accountability journalism (Page 9)

The Week in Fact-Checking: Election Edition

Consider an Election Day where fact-checking political memes and calling out fakery on social media is just as ubiquitous as those “I Voted” stickers. We’ve collected some of the best fact-checks about vote-rigging and ballot-stuffing for you here. Quote of the week “While it is important to get the facts straight, focusing on the truth content of […]

The Week in Fact-Checking: Can you pass the polar bear test?

What’s the dumbest mistake you’ve made on social media? Brooke Borel once retweeted a photo of what she thought was a baby polar bear – and it turned out to be fake. But here’s the worst part: Borel is a science journalist, and at the time of the fateful RT she was busy trying to sell her new book, […]

The Week in Fact-Checking: Calling in reinforcements

The U.S. presidential campaign has been so full of spin that fact-checkers at Univision flew in reinforcements. For the final debate, 25 journalists from 11 countries gathered at the Miami offices of the Spanish-language network. (On the night itself, most of the activity was on Twitter and video, the joint content on immigration is expected […]

Before tweeting and posting about the presidential debate, check out these tips

Wednesday marks the final debate of the 2016 election season, and millions of people around the world will be watching it with a second screen in front of them. A word of warning before you retweet, like, share, believe, or make voting decisions based on someone’s Facebook or Twitter pronouncements: Things are untrue on social media. So […]

The Week in Fact-Checking: Wikipedia “edit-a-thon”

Wikipedia is a treasure trove of the information age, albeit one with a generous sprinkling of counterfeit loot. Fact-checkers are increasingly cooperating with the Wikimedia Foundation (which operates Wikipedia) on “edit-a-thons” to make the online encyclopedia stronger. Check out how Lupa did it in Brazil. Quote of the week “We have a particular challenge in American […]

The Week in Fact-Checking: The gift of GIFs

The team behind Argentinian fact-checking website Chequeado is always looking for ways to broaden their audience. This summer, they tried GIFs. “We wanted to expand our readership from the circle who read us already,” says Executive Director Laura Zommer. Find out what they learned from the pilot project. Quote of the week “To be clear, I support […]

API to hold political accountability journalism workshop at Longwood

The American Press Institute, in conjunction with Longwood University, will hold a workshop on political accountability and fact-checking journalism on Monday, Oct. 17, from 6-8 p.m. on the Longwood campus in Farmville, Va. Students, journalists and writers from the Farmville region are invited to attend. The event is free, funded through API’s accountability journalism program grant […]

The Week in Fact-Checking: Welcome the Potted-Plant-o-Meter

In the sea of commentary over who won the U.S. presidential debate on Monday, it’s almost hard to remember that one question dominated pre-debate commentary: Will the moderator fact-check the candidates? The debates chief said he probably shouldn’t; a majority of Americans thought he should. And you can guess where we stood on the matter. In […]

Finally, fact-checking is the new black

It’s been seven years since PolitiFact won the Pulitzer Prize. Thirteen years since launched. The Washington Post’s Fact Checker published its first fact-check in 2007. But it’s taken the 2016 election, and decades of political lies, to move fact-checking into the household-word neighborhood. As manager of the American Press Institute’s accountability and fact-checking program, and […]

The Week in Fact-Checking: Facts actually are good for you

While the United States is in the midst of a fact-light election featuring two of the most mistrusted candidates in history, there’s a bit of hope. A new study indicates that people can learn what’s true and what’s false after reading fact checks of political claims. Quote of the week “…media people have to do something to regain […]

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