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The Week in Fact-Checking: Fables

Quote of the week “If facts matter, they have to be bruited loud in a way that compels attention and settles the argument: which means on television as well as the web.” — Peter Preston, columnist for The Guardian and the Observer Global Fact 3 brings practical proposals The fact-checking movement is all grown up. With […]

The Week in Fact-Checking: Learn

Global fact-checkers meet in Buenos Aires More than 100 fact-checkers and academics from 41 countries are meeting in Buenos Aires on June 9 and 10 for the third global fact-checking summit. The global growth has been impressive — but the movement has many challenges. Read about the state of fact-checking worldwide on and follow […]

The Week in Fact-Checking: Boom

Quote of the week “The referees are there. But no one is listening to them.” — CBS journalist John Dickerson on political fact-checking. Can television get in on the fact-checking boom? The global growth in fact-checking has been driven by a boom in digital initiatives. Yet even in the age of Snapchat and Facebook Live, television matters […]

The Week in Fact-Checking: Offbeat

  Quote of the week “If you already believe that immigrants are stealing your jobs and your money, you are more likely to nod when Donald Trump says the same thing, even if his face is obscured by the cloud of smoke coming from his flaming pants.” — Elizabeth Renzetti of the Globe and Mail, […]

The Week in Fact-Checking: Reach

More than ever, journalists are furiously fact-checking politicians and government officials. So why are some still lying and why do some people still believe the lies? Maybe those fact-checks aren’t reaching the right audiences. We’ve got some thoughts on infiltrating those groups, and we’d like to hear yours. Tweet us at #FactCheckAPI. Quote of the week “All the hate […]

5 ways to reach the right people with your fact-checking

If a fact-check falls into a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Apologies for the old trope, but it does capture the way fact-checkers sometimes approach their work. Today, we know there’s more fact-checking than ever, with  reporters producing deeply researched, high-quality examinations of politicians and government […]

The Week in Fact-Checking: How to correct a lying politician on air

CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter called on journalists to provide “forceful rebuttals” on air to conspiracy theories espoused by Donald Trump. The reality, though, is that how TV hosts check facts on air is as important to changing a politician’s behavior and a viewer’s mind as whether they fact-check at all. Here are three […]

The Week in Fact-Checking: Breaking the cycle of fakery on Facebook

Can fact-checkers stop the fakery that echoes through Facebook feeds? Facebook has tried — with, as you’ve probably noticed, not much success — to control the rampant rumors, memes and non-facts. Fact-checkers have some ideas, too, but those ideas likely won’t work unless Facebook users actually care whether their feeds are full of fakes. Quote of […]

The Week in Fact-Checking: Tips for holding a fact-checking event

Holding a session on fact-checking — for journalists, universities or community members — can be a great way to share your knowledge, gain exposure or raise revenue for your organization. Want to try it? The American Press Institute sponsored three fact-checking “boot camps” earlier this year, and has compiled tips and materials from each to […]

The Week in Fact-Checking: What’s your impact?

Fact-checkers are justifiably proud of the instances where public figures react to a fact-check by retracting an incorrect claim. But can we go beyond anecdotes and attempt to quantify fact-checking’s impact? Here are six possible metrics, and fact-checkers’ reactions to them: Join the conversation on Quote of the week “…when our elected officials and our political […]

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