Ethics and standards

Jack Shafer: If Sheldon Adelson is looking to influence the press, he’s using an outdated strategy

While there was a time when a millionaire could control a city’s press, Jack Shafer writes those days are long behind us. If that’s the Adelson family’s goal in purchasing the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Shafer writes that they’ll be hard-pressed to influence the paper’s coverage, because bloggers, weekly newspapers and a plethora of other news […]

How should news organizations refer to the armed protesters in Oregon?

When covering the armed protesters in Oregon, news outlets have used a variety of terms: “self-styled militiamen” by Reuters, “armed activists” by The New York Times and “armed protesters” by The Washington Post, while Twitter users posting under the hashtag #OregonUnderAttack seemed to prefer the term “domestic terrorists.” Nearly all major news outlets are avoiding […]

Science journalism needs to more closely examine who is producing studies and their potential conflicts of interest

Science journalism spends a lot of time covering new studies and how new research affects people’s lives. But Brooke Borel says it needs to be spending more time examining who is producing these studies and their possible conflicts of interest, because their perspective and intentions influence their interpretation of the truth. Borel writes: “Should political […]

The editor of the Las Vegas Review-Journal is stepping down, saying it likely comes as a relief to the paper’s new owners

You might have heard: The Las Vegas Review-Journal was purchased by the family of casino owner Sheldon Adelson, who may be beginning to advance his agenda at the paper But did you know: Las Vegas Review-Journal editor Mike Hengel announced Tuesday that he is stepping down, less than two weeks after the paper was purchased […]

The Adelson family confirmed it purchased the Review-Journal and says it didn’t intend to keep the news a secret

You might have heard: After the Las Vegas Review-Journal was purchased by a mystery buyer and many called on the owners to reveal themselves, sources said that casino owner Sheldon Adelson bought the paper, with the sale being facilitated by his son-in-law But did you know: Ending a week of mystery around the Las Vegas […]

Sources say the Las Vegas Review-Journal was bought by casino owner Sheldon Adelson, and the sale was arranged by his son-in-law

You might have heard: The Las Vegas Review-Journal was bought by News Media + Capital Group LLC, but no one was sure who was behind that company, leading to Review-Journal staff to launch a Twitter campaign urging the owners to come forward and the Society of Professional Journalists to release a statement calling for transparency […]

Pressure is mounting for the Review-Journal’s owners to go public as the Society of Professional Journalists releases a statement saying there’s ‘no excuse’ for the owners to hide their identity

You might have heard: The Las Vegas Review-Journal was bought by News + Media Capital Group LLC, but no one knows who exactly is behind that company But did you know: With a Twitter campaign led by Las Vegas Review-Journal staffers underway, more pressure is being put on the newspaper’s new mystery owners to reveal […]

After BuzzFeed OK’d staffers calling Trump racist on social media, how will it apply that policy to other politicians?

BuzzFeed editor Ben Smith told staff it was acceptable to call Trump a “mendacious racist” on Twitter because facts support it, but Erik Wemple asks how BuzzFeed will apply this policy to other candidates. Wemple writes: “The challenge for BuzzFeed, though, isn’t so much whether ‘mendacious racist’ is appropriate for Donald Trump; it’s whether this […]

Ben Smith tells BuzzFeed staff, it’s OK to call Trump a ‘mendacious racist’

In a memo to staff on Tuesday, BuzzFeed editor Ben Smith told staff it’s not a violation of BuzzFeed’s ethical guidelines to call Donald Trump a racist on social media. BuzzFeed’s ethics guide states, “Reporters and editors should refrain from commenting in a partisan way about candidates or policy issues.” Smith does recommend that staff […]

Style rule changes from the AP, New York Times, Washington Post begin to accommodate gender-neutral options

A few big changes announced in the last few weeks accommodate gender-neutral language: The Washington Post will allow “they” and “their” as singular pronouns, The New York Times used “Mx.” as a gender-neutral honorific, and the AP added a new entry to the stylebook on the use of “cross-dresser” instead of “transvestite.” Merrill Perlman writes […]