Ethics and standards

How a reader’s council could help publishers avoid problematic stories

Writing about SB Nation’s retraction of its Daniel Holtzclaw story, Paul Ford asks, how can publishers avoid retractions? Ford proposes creating a reader’s council of around 200 people who read your stories for a small fee, giving that council access to drafts and notes and the ability to anonymously flag potential problems in stories. Ford […]

How should journalists use advocacy hashtags on social media?

A basic tenet of journalism is objectivity, but Folker Hanusch says social media might complicate that idea. Hanusch asks whether social media comes with the expectation that journalists will offer their own personal views, and if so, how does the use of advocacy hashtags like Australia’s #letthemstay fit into that? Hanusch writes: “Journalists who express […]

A Financial Times columnist says she was warned by an advertiser about harming ‘relationships with advertisers’

A column in the Financial Times that made joke about Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s chief executive prompted an email from Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s chief marketing and communications officer Henry Gomez, FT columnist Lucy Kellaway says. In the email, Gomez said: “FT management should consider the impact of unacceptable biases on its relationships with advertisers.” Kellaway published […]

How news outlets dealt with The Intercept’s retracted story on Dylann Roof’s cousin

After The Intercept announced that reporter Juan Thompson had “fabricated several quotes in his stories and created fake email accounts that he used to impersonate people,” news organizations that picked up a story on Dylann Roof’s cousin were faced with the challenge of how to deal with it. New York Daily News and The Root […]

Evidence of Adelson’s influence at the Review-Journal is starting to become visible

You might have heard: The staff of the Las Vegas Review-Journal has been especially transparent in covering its own newspaper’s controversial sale to the family of billionaire Sheldon Adelson But did you know: After former USA Today publisher Craig Moon was named as publisher of the Las Vegas Review-Journal last week, Rick Edmonds writes that […]

If journalism continues operating at ‘peak content,’ the quality of journalism produced will ultimately decline

As journalism hits “peak content,” Erica Berger writes that many journalists are nearing their maximum possible output, ultimately lowering the quality of work they create. Berger writes: “If the media continues to be created and spread at such a rapid rate, we know the effects are unlikely to be positive. Fact-checking already has a troubling […]

Kelly McBride: When it comes to covering Michael Bloomberg’s possible presidential run, Bloomberg News ‘can’t sit this one out’

In the week since speculation started that Michael Bloomberg might run for president, Bloomberg News has been put in a tricky spot, with one of its editors resigning over concerns that the organization couldn’t cover Bloomberg aggressively enough. Poynter’s Kelly McBride says that Bloomberg News “can’t sit this one out,” and Bloomberg News’ leadership needs […]

Dean Baquet: NYT would not have offered El Chapo final approval over the story

New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet says that the NYT would not have offered El Chapo the pre-publication approval that Rolling Stone did. Baquet says that he does not believe in preapproval in any case. If preapproval was a prerequisite for the interview, Baquet says: “Yes, I would have walked away from the interview.” […]

Months before the Las Vegas Review-Journal ownership drama began, Michael Schroeder offered to pay a freelancer $5,000 for a story on Nevada judges

Three months before a story appeared in a Connecticut newspaper on a judge overseeing a lawsuit involving Sheldon Adelson, New Britain Herald publisher and editor Michael Schroeder offered a freelance reporter $5,000 for a story “looking at Nevada judges who were handling business cases and mentioned Adelson’s name.” The reporter, Scott Whipple, says he decided […]

Jann Wenner talks to NYT how Rolling Stone handled the planning and editing of the El Chapo interview

Rolling Stone published a controversial interview with “El Chapo” on Saturday, which was conducted by Sean Penn and subject to final approval by the Mexican drug lord. The New York Times’ Ravi Somiya reports on how the magazine attempted to navigate the ethics and conflicts the situation presents. Rolling Stone consulted with Columbia School of […]