Ethics and standards

The New York Times reminds staff to refrain from posting opinions on social media in the wake of the Orlando shooting

In the aftermath of the Orlando shooting on Sunday, NYT standards editor Philip Corbett reminded staff to refrain from posting opinions on social media. Corbett writes in the memo to staff, “People following Times newsroom staffers online expect them to be well-informed and thoughtful. But we should leave the opinions to our colleagues on the […]

BuzzFeed canceled an ad deal with the RNC because of Donald Trump

You might have heard: Media organizations are divided over how to cover Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, and some journalists have come out in opposition to Trump But did you know: In a memo to staff on Monday, BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti said Monday that the company has canceled an ad deal with the Republican National […]

Jeff Bezos: Public figures such as Peter Thiel need to learn to deal with media criticism

Speaking at the Code Conference, Amazon CEO and owner of The Washington Post Jeff Bezos spoke out against Peter Thiel’s funding of Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit against Gawker. Bezos argued that public figures such as Thiel need to learn how to better deal with criticism from the media. Bezos said: “The best defense to speech that […]

Felix Salmon: By funding Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit against Gawker, Peter Thiel set a dangerous precedent that could be emulated by other billionaires

Peter Thiel acknowledged Wednesday that he funded Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit against Gawker Media, spending about $10 million to help “victims” of Gawker in an act of “deterrence.” That sets a dangerous precedent, Felix Salmon writes: “If Thiel’s strategy works against Gawker, it could be used by any billionaire against any media organization. Sheldon Adelson, Donald […]

Facebook says its investigation found no systematic bias in the trending news section, but it can’t rule out unintentional bias

You might have heard: The US Senate Commerce Committee has launched an inquiry into Facebook’s news curation after former news curators said they regularly suppressed conservative news from the site’s trending news section But did you know: Responding to Sen. John Thune’s letter on its trending news section, Facebook says its own investigation found no systematic […]

Charting new ground: The ethical terrain of nonprofit journalism

Overview A different kind of revenue, one that has nothing to do with advertising or subscriptions, is playing a larger role in journalism today. Nonprofit funding, once largely the province of public broadcasting, is becoming an important source of support for a new cohort of non-commercial news organizations —  many of them digital natives — […]

Don’t compromise standards to please funders

This essay is part of “Charting new ground: The ethical terrain of nonprofit journalism,” API research exploring the philanthropic funding of journalism. Read the other essays. As the business of news has been disrupted, and the means of distribution for news revolutionized, I hope we can agree that our news values have remained unwavering and […]

Essays on the ethics of funders and nonprofit media

Surveys can be a valuable research tool because they can offer some sense of scale. But they do not allow respondents to articulate their ideas in depth. As a consequence, we commissioned five essays from prominent stakeholders in the journalism-funding eco-system: Two are from nonprofit news outlets, two from foundations that fund media, and one […]

Check out funders and maintain editorial firewall

This essay is part of “Charting new ground: The ethical terrain of nonprofit journalism,” API research exploring the philanthropic funding of journalism. Read the other essays. The first potential donor to the New England Center for Investigative Reporting came through the door without an ounce of effort on our part. It was September 2008, three […]

A look at the landscape of nonprofit journalism

Although not all foundations or news organizations in the United States were surveyed, the data enhance our understanding of the world of nonprofit journalism in general and the landscape of newer nonprofit media in particular. This community shares many goals, experiences and problems with a variety of perspectives. Nonprofit news organizations A total of 94 […]