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Diversity and minority audiences (Page 9)

Univision is acquiring African-American news site The Root

You might have heard: Publishers are courting Millennials, and 85 percent of Millennials say they keep up with news But did you know: Univision, the leading media company for Hispanics in the United States, is acquiring African-American news and culture site The Root. The acquisition comes as Univision is looking to build a digital network […]

How The New York Times planned the digital strategy for its nail salon exposé

Early on, The New York Times’ metro desk decided that Sarah Maslin Nir’s nail salon exposé should be translated into Korean, Chinese and Spanish to reach the audiences in the story, but a digital strategy was also needed to reach those audiences. Twitter and Facebook posts were written in those languages, written by interpreters who […]

How can the media better serve low-income communities?

When it comes to news, Joe Pinsker says the free market tends to lean toward serving readers with higher incomes because they’re more attractive to advertisers. But that excludes millions of people with relatively low incomes who also have a need for news. Pinsker talks with Sarah Alvarez, senior producer for Michigan Radio’s State of […]

Should ‘they’ be accepted as a singular pronoun?

At the American Copy Editors Society conference, using “they” as a singular pronoun was a recurring question. One argument for the singular “they” is that it’s a gender-neutral alternative to using “he” generically. But more recently, “they” has been considered as an alternative for “he” and “she” for people who do not identify as male […]

U.K. Press Association creates program to increase diversity in newsrooms

The Press Association is partnering with the Journalism Diversity Fund to increase diversity in newsrooms in the U.K. Each year, two people will be selected to attend an accredited training program in London with living expenses and course fees covered and offered a two-year placement in a newsroom with a full trainee salary once the […]

‘The race beat does not ghettoize race coverage.’

The New York Times in January moved race-beat reporter Tanzina Vega to covering a criminal courthouse in the Bronx; journalists and other people criticized the elimination of the race beat as de-emphasizing the importance of covering race. Jamil Smith writes that diffusing responsibility for race reporting is risky because many newsrooms are lacking in diversity […]

Fusion will act as a digital testing ground for ABC and Univision

You might have heard: Fusion, a news and entertainment cable network for millennials from ABC and Univision, launches its new website (The Atlantic) But did you know: This interview with Fusion’s editor of digital Jane Spencer covers a range of details such as how the project has shifted from aiming at English-speaking millennials with Hispanic […]

How BuzzFeed grew its Latino audience through a focus on relevant content

Editor Ben Smith published a memo to staff detailing the organization’s Latino audience growth: about a year ago, the organization wasn’t “speaking enough” to a large portion of America, American Latinos, and after a year of efforts, it went from “having relatively few Latino readers to being read, proportionally, more by Latinos than white Americans.” […]

5 questions to tell you how well your organization is developing women leaders

McKinsey offers questions to guide senior leadership of any company in assessing its own management and the development of women leaders. Those questions touch on the following: locating where women are in an organization’s talent pipeline, identifying the skill development for those women, thinking through formal mentorship, rooting out unconscious bias, and evaluating how policies […]

Will NYT’s shift to covering race more widely work better than a beat?

Some readers and journalists responded with disappointment when Tanzina Vega, a Times reporter devoted solely to race and ethnicity, was moved this week to cover an unrelated courts beat in the Bronx. Public editor Margaret Sullivan addresses the move and reports on the rationale according to Dean Baquet: “[This] is not a cosmic decision about […]

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