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Diversity and minority audiences (Page 8)

How NPR is trying to reduce the privilege bias in its intern-hiring process

NPR allowed applicants for its visual internships to resubmit their cover letters, looking to reduce the effects of privilege and increase diversity of candidates. Some applicants come in with strong cover letters and interviewing skills, which visuals editor Brian Boyer says is often a result of coaching and support that not all students receive. Applicants […]

Coverage of a lynching in Brazil spurs debate on media sensationalization of violence

A lynching of a 29-year-old black man in Brazil and the media coverage it received has spurred a debate about how the media covers race, crime and the sensationalism of violence. Some news reports included a close-up photo of the man still tied to the pole, which some critics have said “highlights the violence and […]

Reason to be wary of the #BlackTwitter beat: Some news organizations have covered parts of it before and put the community on the defensive

Assigning a reporter to cover a diverse online community, as the L.A. Times has done with “Black Twitter,” only works if that reporter is attuned to the dynamics of the community, Meredith D. Clark writes. News organizations have covered Black Twitter in the past, in ways that often weren’t “courteous and respectful” of the community […]

To get more women in media, elect more women

Barbara Lee says the issue of getting more women in media is somewhat of a chicken-and-egg problem: If there are more women writing, will they seek out stories and sources that concern women, or are more women newsmakers needed to spur change? Lee says the solution is electing more women, and covering more issues that […]

BBC diversity adviser: Fire executives who don’t help increase diversity

Lady Grey-Thompson, BBC’s diversity adviser, says in order for BBC to better represent the make-up of its audience, the organization may have to spend £100 million (about $157 million). Grey-Thompson also said that executives who fail to embrace diversity should be fired. She says: “People are able to hide behind discrimination — against disabled people, […]

Tips for reporting on diverse communities that aren’t your own

Covering diverse communities that you don’t belong to requires cultural literacy, a panel at the Investigative Reporters & Editors conference said. However, practices such as developing a diverse source list and better using translators can strengthen your coverage of diverse communities. Sabrina Vourvoulias of AL DÍA News recommends hiring bilingual journalists from the communities you’re […]

Tips to keep in mind when covering LGBT communities during Pride Month

Lauren Klinger lays out a set of five thoughtful guidelines for reporting on LGBT stories during Pride Month. Remember there is no one gay or trans narrative, and while talking about the LGBT icons is important, Klinger recommends being aware of the role of class in those narratives. Most importantly, Klinger says: “Writing about a […]

Are podcasts the key to diversifying public radio audiences?

In terrestrial public radio, 87 percent of NPR’s audience is white — but that number drops to 67 percent for NPR podcasts. Podcasts are also tending to grow faster with more digitally savvy audiences, which also tend to be more diverse, signifying a breakthrough for public radio in terms of attracting more diverse listeners. NPR’s […]

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