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Diversity and minority audiences (Page 7)

Race, ethnicity, and the use of social media for news

One of the major findings of this research, across all groups, is the finding that Millennials are far more interested in news and information than other research might have indicated. The project identified this, or broke with past research, not by simply tracking where Millennials went online but by looking in more detail than past […]

Motivations for keeping up with the news

One dimension of understanding news and information that is becoming more important today is how people use the news and information they encounter. In an age when consumers can decide what they want to follow and how, and when their reactions and use of the information they consume is more public, it becomes more critical […]

Race and ethnicity, device usage, and connectivity

The digital divide has not materialized when it comes to technology access among Millennials. The Media Insight Project’s 2014 report The Personal News Cycle found that, contrary to long-held assumptions about digital media access by people of color, the digital divide has not played out in the United States as many had anticipated. 1That study […]

How Millennials Use Technology to Get News: Differences by race and ethnicity

This research was conducted by the Media Insight Project — an initiative of the American Press Institute and the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research A new study of Millennials and news finds that Hispanic and African American adults under age 35 are just as connected to the web as the rest of their […]

The impact of race and ethnicity on news and information topics followed by Millennials

The Personal News Cycle revealed that the type of news people choose to follow varies significantly by race and ethnicity in the general population, 1 and these new data reveal a similar trend among adults age 18-34. In the current study, Millennials were asked if they regularly follow 24 different news and information topics. Significant […]

Lessons from Feministing: Diversity has to be intentional

News and commentary site Feministing’s executive director for partnerships Lauren Adelman says news organizations need to be intentional about diversity, making it an essential value of the organization. Feministing actively recruits people who can fill holes in its coverage by bringing their unique background and experience to reporting and writing For example, Feministing hired a […]

Rutgers report: Rich communities have access to more local news than poorer communities do

You might have heard: At least some Americans, including many African-Americans and Hispanics, feel underserved and that news doesn’t regularly or accurately cover their communities But did you know: An analysis by Rutgers University of news sources in three New Jersey towns suggests richer communities have access to more local news sources, as well local […]

Pew: Diversity in the news industry is at its lowest in smaller news outlets

While minority journalism graduates may be less likely to find full-time jobs in journalism, Pew Research Center says the smaller outlets where journalists more likely start their careers are also the least likely to hire minority journalists. At high-circulation newspapers, Pew says minority journalists make up 20 percent of newsroom employees, but at smaller local […]

The #mediadiversity conversation highlights the lack of diversity in most newsrooms

Conversation on Twitter around the #mediadiversity hashtag the past couple days has highlighted the lack of diversity in newsrooms and the need for it, Shan Wang writes. While minorities make up 37 percent of the U.S. population, they’re only 13.3 percent of journalists at daily newspapers, a poor representation of the demographics served. Among the […]

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