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Diversity and minority audiences (Page 7)

Lessons from Feministing: Diversity has to be intentional

News and commentary site Feministing’s executive director for partnerships Lauren Adelman says news organizations need to be intentional about diversity, making it an essential value of the organization. Feministing actively recruits people who can fill holes in its coverage by bringing their unique background and experience to reporting and writing For example, Feministing hired a […]

Rutgers report: Rich communities have access to more local news than poorer communities do

You might have heard: At least some Americans, including many African-Americans and Hispanics, feel underserved and that news doesn’t regularly or accurately cover their communities But did you know: An analysis by Rutgers University of news sources in three New Jersey towns suggests richer communities have access to more local news sources, as well local […]

Pew: Diversity in the news industry is at its lowest in smaller news outlets

While minority journalism graduates may be less likely to find full-time jobs in journalism, Pew Research Center says the smaller outlets where journalists more likely start their careers are also the least likely to hire minority journalists. At high-circulation newspapers, Pew says minority journalists make up 20 percent of newsroom employees, but at smaller local […]

The #mediadiversity conversation highlights the lack of diversity in most newsrooms

Conversation on Twitter around the #mediadiversity hashtag the past couple days has highlighted the lack of diversity in newsrooms and the need for it, Shan Wang writes. While minorities make up 37 percent of the U.S. population, they’re only 13.3 percent of journalists at daily newspapers, a poor representation of the demographics served. Among the […]

How NPR is trying to reduce the privilege bias in its intern-hiring process

NPR allowed applicants for its visual internships to resubmit their cover letters, looking to reduce the effects of privilege and increase diversity of candidates. Some applicants come in with strong cover letters and interviewing skills, which visuals editor Brian Boyer says is often a result of coaching and support that not all students receive. Applicants […]

Coverage of a lynching in Brazil spurs debate on media sensationalization of violence

A lynching of a 29-year-old black man in Brazil and the media coverage it received has spurred a debate about how the media covers race, crime and the sensationalism of violence. Some news reports included a close-up photo of the man still tied to the pole, which some critics have said “highlights the violence and […]

Reason to be wary of the #BlackTwitter beat: Some news organizations have covered parts of it before and put the community on the defensive

Assigning a reporter to cover a diverse online community, as the L.A. Times has done with “Black Twitter,” only works if that reporter is attuned to the dynamics of the community, Meredith D. Clark writes. News organizations have covered Black Twitter in the past, in ways that often weren’t “courteous and respectful” of the community […]

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