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Diversity and minority audiences (Page 6)

Buffer’s tips for diversity, including why you should hire for a person’s potential contribution to the culture, instead of just ‘fit’

Buffer’s Courtney Seiter shares mistakes the tech startup has made in diversity and how they’re taking steps to be inclusive. Among Seiter’s mistakes and lessons learned: Confusing cultural fit with cultural contribution in the hiring process can lead to “uniformity and irrelevancy” over time. Instead, hire for “an individual’s potential cultural contribution,” or what the […]

Compared to a year ago, BuzzFeed employees are now less white and more female

According to diversity numbers released by Jonah Peretti, BuzzFeed is now less white and more female this year than it was in 2014. Worldwide, more managers are female than male (52% female, 48% male), and there’s more females than males working at BuzzFeed overall as well. In 2014, BuzzFeed employees were 74.8% white, with that […]

Why the industry is failing on its diversity goals: We don’t know how to recruit well and financial cuts make it more difficult

Richard Prince asked eight editors at the convention of the American Society of News Editors and the Associated Press Managing Editors this weekend why the news industry is failing to meet its diversity goal. Billy Penn’s Jim Brady and Knoxville News Sentinel managing editor Tom Chester both echoed the idea that our recruiting is flawed: […]

Why creating more diverse journalism requires transforming the way stories are told

While there’s a representation problem in many local newsrooms, Josh Stearns writes that creating more diverse journalism requires changing our institutions, culture and storytelling practices. Research from API shows African Americans and Hispanics are dissatisfied with the accessibility of news about communities, as well as the portrayal of their communities, which Stearns says should lead […]

Race, ethnicity, and the use of social media for news

One of the major findings of this research, across all groups, is the finding that Millennials are far more interested in news and information than other research might have indicated. The project identified this, or broke with past research, not by simply tracking where Millennials went online but by looking in more detail than past […]

Motivations for keeping up with the news

One dimension of understanding news and information that is becoming more important today is how people use the news and information they encounter. In an age when consumers can decide what they want to follow and how, and when their reactions and use of the information they consume is more public, it becomes more critical […]

Race and ethnicity, device usage, and connectivity

The digital divide has not materialized when it comes to technology access among Millennials. The Media Insight Project’s 2014 report The Personal News Cycle found that, contrary to long-held assumptions about digital media access by people of color, the digital divide has not played out in the United States as many had anticipated. 1That study […]

How Millennials Use Technology to Get News: Differences by race and ethnicity

This research was conducted by the Media Insight Project — an initiative of the American Press Institute and the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research A new study of Millennials and news finds that Hispanic and African American adults under age 35 are just as connected to the web as the rest of their […]

The impact of race and ethnicity on news and information topics followed by Millennials

The Personal News Cycle revealed that the type of news people choose to follow varies significantly by race and ethnicity in the general population, 1 and these new data reveal a similar trend among adults age 18-34. In the current study, Millennials were asked if they regularly follow 24 different news and information topics. Significant […]

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