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Diversity and minority audiences (Page 5)

American Dialect Society names ‘they’ as Word of the Year

A group of more than 200 linguists named “they” as the American Dialect Society’s Word of the Year, choosing the gender-neutral pronoun over other phrases such as “thanks, Obama” and “on fleek.” In recent months, news organizations including The Washington Post have accepted the use of the gender-neutral “they,” while The New York Times added […]

Google released its bleak diversity numbers last year because it wanted to lead the way in increasing diversity in tech

Google’s diversity numbers in 2014 showed that the company was overwhelmingly male, 61 percent white and 31 percent Asian, numbers that Google itself wasn’t happy with. But as Google’s director of diversity and inclusion Yolanda Mangolini explains it, Google decided to release the numbers anyway to show they were committed to improving their diversity. Mangolini […]

By not naming a woman as its new managing editor, The Washington Post is ‘emblematic of media industry’s persistent marginalization of women’

With the appointment of Cameron Barr as managing editor, The Washington Post missed an opportunity to show a commitment to diversity, Soraya Chemaly writes. Out of the six editorial senior management positions at the Post, just two positions are held by women. Chemaly writes: “The world’s ‘Most Innovative’ media company seems challenged, like the rest […]

The Washington Post changes its style to allow singular ‘they’

On Monday, The New York Times added the gender-neutral honorific “Mx.” Now, The Washington Post is changing its style rules to allow for the singular “they” to refer to “people who identify as neither male nor female.” From the memo to staff: “It is usually possible, and preferable, to recast sentences as plural to avoid […]

Ideas for bringing different voices into your reporting: Pose a central question to a lot of sources and collect responses in different formats than a traditional interview

The Columbia Missourian’s Joy Mayer outlines strategies for reaching “more than the usual voices” and incorporating more diverse perspectives in your reporting. Among her ideas, Mayer suggests posing a central question to a lot of sources (such as people at an event) as a way to gather a variety of perspectives on one topic. Mayer […]

BuzzFeed threatens to withdraw from SXSW after a panel relating to gaming and online violence was canceled due to violent threats

After South by Southwest organizers canceled two gaming and online harassment panels due to violent threats, BuzzFeed is threatening to withdraw its participation from SXSW. The canceled panels include several female speakers who had been targets of harassment from the “Gamergate” movement. In a letter sent to SXSW organizers, BuzzFeed’s publisher Dao Nguyen and editor […]

Websites founded and led by women tend to have more trouble finding funding than websites targeted to women and led by men

“Finding funding for women entrepreneurs and women-led websites has been notoriously difficult,” Damaris Colhoun writes. But, that hasn’t typically been the case for websites for women that are run by men: Bustle raised $6.5 million when it launched, and Refinery29 has raised $80 million to date. Meanwhile, women-led website The Toast has struggled to find […]

To make gender equality in the workplace a priority for everyone, show how diversity will benefit everyone and broaden what it means to be an effective leader

Making gender equality in the workplace a priority requires a change in culture, Sava Berhané writes. Berhané outlines three strategies for getting everyone on board, including making it evident how diversity and equal representation will benefit everyone. Berhané also recommends broadening the concept of effective leadership because traditional workplace cultures associate stereotypically masculine traits with […]

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