Diversity and minority audiences

Planning a panel? JAWS will help you find women to speak on it

Panels at journalism conferences are often male-dominated; JAWS is trying to change that by helping panel planners find qualified women to speak. To get JAWS’ help finding women to speak on your panel, conference organizers can fill out a form on their website with location, subject matter and other info about the panel, and JAWS […]

Why Sree Sreenivasan is boycotting all-male panels at journalism conferences

In a post on Facebook, Sree Sreenivasan says he’s done with participating in and attempting all-male panels at journalism conferences: “I have been saying no all-male panels for me and talked myself out of several appearances as a result. I have decided the only way to do something is to call out the organizers who […]

A tip for how reporters can increase the diversity of their sources

Writing about how he set out to include more female sources in his stories, writer John R. Platt shares an important tip from Women’s Media Center’s Kate McCarthy on how all reporters can increase the diversity of sources they turn to again and again. McCarthy suggests that reporters spend some time in between deadlines building […]

Dean Baquet: Story about backlash to Gay Talese on Twitter was ‘flawed’

In a story titled “Gay Talese Goes Through the Twitter Wringer,” NYT executive editor Dean Baquet says the paper made an “unfortunate example” of how it is too often clumsy in its handling of race and gender. The story covered controversial remarks Talese made about female journalists at a conference at Boston University, recounting an […]

Without ‘Black Twitter,’ there would be less coverage of stories important to African Americans

“Black Twitter,” an unofficial group of African American Twitter users, has emerged as an important force in news media, Katie Ferguson writes, pushing news organizations to cover stories important to the community. Former manager of news and journalism at Twitter Mark Luckie says: “If Black Twitter didn’t continue to exist in the way it does […]

For women’s history month, The Washington Post is combing its archives for interesting profiles of women written by women

“Think about it like a Bechdel test, almost. But for journalism,” The Washington Post’s Julia Carpenter says. To celebrate the end of women’s history month, The Washington Post is highlighting profiles of women written by women from its archives. The profiles include Marjorie Williams’ profile of Sandra Day O’Connor and Lynn Darling’s of Maya Angelou. […]

Digital news is making the industry more concentrated in a few geographic areas, rather than making it more geographically diverse

You might have heard: Jobs in the journalism industry are clustering around a few major cities: In 2014, 1 out of every 5 reporting jobs was in Washington, D.C., New York City or Los Angeles; in 2004, that number was 1 out of every 8 But did you know: The promise of digital news was that […]

The British journalism industry is 94 percent white, a new survey finds

According to a new survey from City University London, the British journalism industry is 94 percent white and 55 percent male. The survey also found that 65 percent of journalists who have joined the field within the past three years are female, but women in the industry are under-promoted. Most ethnic groups and religions are […]

With a lack of female foreign correspondents, the world is being portrayed through a predominantly male lens

A predominantly male field of foreign correspondents has an impact on the stories reported, The Fuller Project for International Reporting’s Christina Asquith writes. Even as more women break into the field, male correspondents are recognized for their work two and a half times more often than their female colleagues, Asquith says. She writes: “How journalists […]

‘Spotlight’ wins the Academy Award for Best Picture

In an upset, “Spotlight” won the Academy Award for Best Picture on Sunday night. The movie tells the story of The Boston Globe journalists who broke the story of widespread sexual abuse by Catholic clergy in the area. “Spotlight” also won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, while The Boston Globe won the Pulitzer […]