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For women’s history month, The Washington Post is combing its archives for interesting profiles of women written by women

“Think about it like a Bechdel test, almost. But for journalism,” The Washington Post’s Julia Carpenter says. To celebrate the end of women’s history month, The Washington Post is highlighting profiles of women written by women from its archives. The profiles include Marjorie Williams’ profile of Sandra Day O’Connor and Lynn Darling’s of Maya Angelou. […]

The British journalism industry is 94 percent white, a new survey finds

According to a new survey from City University London, the British journalism industry is 94 percent white and 55 percent male. The survey also found that 65 percent of journalists who have joined the field within the past three years are female, but women in the industry are under-promoted. Most ethnic groups and religions are […]

With a lack of female foreign correspondents, the world is being portrayed through a predominantly male lens

A predominantly male field of foreign correspondents has an impact on the stories reported, The Fuller Project for International Reporting’s Christina Asquith writes. Even as more women break into the field, male correspondents are recognized for their work two and a half times more often than their female colleagues, Asquith says. She writes: “How journalists […]

‘Spotlight’ wins the Academy Award for Best Picture

In an upset, “Spotlight” won the Academy Award for Best Picture on Sunday night. The movie tells the story of The Boston Globe journalists who broke the story of widespread sexual abuse by Catholic clergy in the area. “Spotlight” also won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, while The Boston Globe won the Pulitzer […]

Women’s Media Center is launching a project to document abuse and harassment online

Led by Soraya Chemaly, the Women’s Media Center is launching Women’s Media Center Speech Project to track abuse and harassment of women online, which includes female journalists. A large part of the Speech Project is what they call the “Online Abuse Wheel,” which shows the different kind of abuse women face online, including stalking, extortion […]

An Atlantic reporter analyzed the gender breakdown of people mentioned in her articles and found they were overwhelmingly male

Atlantic reporter Adrienne LaFrance set out to understand gender representation in her own work and found some startling results. In 2013, 25 percent of the 2,075 LaFrance mentioned in her articles were women; in 2015, that number dropped to 22 percent. While LaFrance covers a beat (technology) that is overwhelmingly male, she says this is […]

The New York Times’ sparse coverage of the Flint water crisis shows that there’s likely many stories in the Midwest going uncovered by national news outlets

You might have heard: Nearly a year after The New York Times published a story on the drinking water in Flint, Mich., a state of emergency was declared in Flint earlier this month, but no substantial articles in the NYT had covered Flint’s water since October (New York Times) But did you know: Asking if […]

A group of refugees in Germany launch an Arabic-language newspaper for other refugees

Founded by a group of refugees, Abwab is a new Arabic newspaper in Germany aimed at refugees. Abwab was launched in December, and 25,000 copies of its first edition were distributed for free at refugee shelters and other community centers. That edition was so successful that another 10,000 copies needed to be printed, and a […]

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