Rethinking news design and why design still drives discovery: Q&A with Mario García

A good Q&A with Mario García, who’s worked with dailies as diverse as The Washington Post and Norway’s Aftenposten to rethink how they deliver the news. He shares why these are the best days for the publishing industry, why he’s very impressed with what the Scandinavians are doing — “[The Editor’s] not killing the print […]

Can web design alone increase the amount of reader engagement?

Several studies show that people tend to spend more money with credit cards than they would with cash. Tristan Harris, who studies behavioral influence ethics at Google, thinks the same idea applies to people browsing websites. Certain kinds of web design can get people to spend “more time than we intended, by getting lost in […]

How to know your users and build just what they need

Kio Stark chronicles a participatory SRCCON conference session on human-driven design, which broke down the design process behind Census Reporter (a tool for journalists to use U.S. Census data) and outlined principles that helped keep focus over 15 months. Most work came early, according to Ryan Pitts, “You don’t build features, you’re actually solving problems. […]

60 hours in Cleveland: Behind The Plain Dealer’s LeBron section

Josh Crutchmer, design and graphics editor at The Plain Dealer, takes us behind the scene of its front pages from 2010, when LeBron James left the Cavaliers, to last week’s cover about his return, and how they came up with it in 60 hours. Hours 56 through 48 consisted of “WTF are we going to […]

To make a better bet, use trial and error

We tend to romanticize entrepreneurs, inventors, and great business minds who are lucky enough to be hit by strokes of brilliance. However, science doesn’t work that way, and neither does business. To succeed, we need to trade in our blue-sky brainstorming for old fashioned trial and error. + UI, UX: who does what? A designer’s guide […]

Catering to international digital audience requires understanding web design from East to West

Alvin Lim shares how his experience working on the global English web site for the 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games in China underscores the challenges when one culture presents a web site to an international audience. + Why women are leading coverage of the war-torn Middle East (Columbia Journalism Review) + Thanks to “Right to be Forgotten,” Google […]

An MIT Media Lab concept gives storytellers new ways to structure context with “curated tangents”

Designers and researchers Alexis Hope and Kevin Hu created a project to pack more context and background into a news report with a new platform called FOLD. It offers readers “curated tangents” that provide context. Readers can scroll vertically to read the narrative and side-to-side to access these context blocks that contain explanations and further information. […]

What writers want from editors

Jack Limpert shares 10 responses to an earlier post in which he asked, “How can editors help writers do their best work?” A related piece from last week is from Roy Peter Clark with advice on reporting without editors and how to be an editor in a world with fewer editors. + Give your site or app […]

Share: the icon no one agrees on

Sharing to a social network or via email is a ubiquitous action, but designers still have not been able to reach a consensus on what symbol to use to represent it. Min Ming Lo takes a look at existing share icons to figure out which symbol best conveys sharing to the user. “The best icon […]

How to do a product critique, from Facebook’s product design director

Julie Zhuo walks through the some questions to consider while doing a product critique, the importance of followup reviews days and weeks after the first use to gauge stickiness and growth, as well as some things to consider even before you open the app. “There is no shortcut to developing better product instincts besides keen […]