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Inspiration from the Society of News Design’s ‘Best of Digital Design’ competition

SND brought in over 900 entries in the 2014 contest that continued to “rethink” the story template and included many immersive features. As judges evaluated the entries this weekend, they liveblogged remarks on the medal-winning work, projects such as ProPublica and The Lens’ Losing Ground project on land loss to water southeastern Louisiana, Upstatement’s redesign […]

To show the importance of design, explain the job it does in writing

Design plays a pivotal role in the success of any number of journalism products — websites, mobile apps, even subscriber preferences experiences, to name a few. The value of design can be better demonstrated through thoughtful documentation of design decisions. Senongo Akpem highlights these tips for documentation: keeps the focus on problem-solving, not just asset […]

Focus a website redesign by understanding stakeholder workflow

Code and Theory is an independent digital creative agency whose clients include the Los Angeles Times, Mashable, NBC, The Verge, and Bloomberg. Courtney Kan speaks with managing partner Michael Martin about  how Code and Theory approaches a large project such as a major redesign. This involves accounting for change management, said Martin: We embed our […]

Understand what characteristics make something ‘innovative’

Emphasizing the user experience of a product is crucial when launching something new. Design teams that account for how people adopt innovation stand a much greater chance of having users accept and actually use their products, writes Victor Yocco. In this second essay on building new products with the process of user adoption in mind, Yocco […]

How the Dutch De Correspondent seeks to remedy distracted reading through careful linking

De Correspondent is a “Dutch journalism platform” with 30,000 paying subscribers, a business model that depends on deep engagement and loyalty. Sebastian Kersten writes about the organization’s efforts to keep its audience reading in-depth by thinking carefully about its link practices. “One of the most distracting phenomenons during reading are links,” writes Kersten. “They keep […]

How do you best get your audience to adopt something new?

As news organizations develop products and introduce new features as a way retain or grow audience or business, teams must give attention not only to the quality of the product but also its distribution and processes for adoption. Because many news products can be new concepts either for organizations or for audience (a curated newsletter […]

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