How to design infographics to be effective on mobile and social

Atlantic Media Strategies’ Nguyet Vuong says when designing infographics for mobile and social, the goal needs to be to deliver the information quickly and efficiently, without overloading the reader with information. To achieve this, Vuong says: “To design for this behavior, a memorable graphic is short, specific, concrete, and has a good balance of text […]

Why Billy Penn’s website isn’t necessarily designed to lead to ad impressions and clicks

“I say [Billy Penn is] reader-first, and people laugh at that because it sounds so much like Jeff Jarvis, Jay Rosen, media-guru crap. But no, it’s big business,” Billy Penn CEO Jim Brady says. “We always go back to whether we want to monetize the reader on this visit, or monetize them over a lifetime. […]

After launching mobile-optimized websites and apps for 4 of its brands, Johnston Press had record-breaking traffic in January

Johnston Press is planning to launch new mobile-optimized websites and apps for 11 brands in March and April after seeing success with mobile-friendly redesigns for 4 other brands. Johnston Press says it saw a 20 percent increase in unique visitors in January 2016 over January 2015, and traffic for the redesigned websites in particular saw […]

Why the publisher’s homepage is making a comeback

“With the rise of social and search, the publisher homepage was left for dead,” Ricardo Bilton writes, but the homepage is starting to slow return to relevance. More publishers are seeing the homepage as a way to make a statement for their brand, instead of just a “front door” for traffic to articles. Co-founder of […]

How more publishers and digital marketers are using guilt trips as a UI feature

You might have noticed a new trend in everything from mailing list opt-outs to publishers’ websites: Choosing not to sign up for Elle’s mailing list comes with a message saying, “No thanks, I’m not interested in protecting my skin,” and when GQ asks you to turn off an ad blocker, it says “Please support GQ’s […]

How Quartz’s redesigned homepage better highlights different story forms

Quartz’s redesigned homepage better showcases the different story forms Quartz uses, including charts, videos and podcasts. To do that, Quartz abandoned the idea that there needed to be a “top story” at the top of the page, often in the form of a written article. Now, the homepage is curated by editors, who each bring […]

Why Quartz thinks the homepage isn’t dead, just reborn

As Quartz revealed a redesign of its homepage, Zach Seward writes, “Homepages, it turns out, aren’t dead so much as reborn.” Quartz’s new homepage goes from being a “continually updated news briefing” to include the many story forms Quartz’s coverage now takes, including news stories, podcasts, social media and events. Seward said to Fast Company: […]

Cards are a popular design choice in 2015 because of their compatibility with mobile screens

“2015 is the Year of the Card,” Carrie Cousins writes. Mobile apps from Flipboard to Spotify to Tinder are using cards as a design feature, because of their compatibility with mobile screens. Cards work well on mobile because they’re almost the same size and shapes as mobile screens. But cards can be used in both […]

How The Atlantic got people to spend more time on its native ads through a redesign

After The Atlantic’s website redesign was released earlier this year, performance of its native ads has nearly tripled: Readers now spend four to five minutes on native ads, The Atlantic says, and ad measurement firm Nudge says those native ads are now outperforming BuzzFeed and Mashable in terms of time spent. The new design reduces […]

How is letting readers get a glimpse into its website redesign process

Soon readers of will get to take a look into the website redesign process and be able to offer their feedback. On, readers will see previews and be able to submit their thoughts on the designs, which will be fully launched by early 2016. director of product Ben Turk Tolub says: “We’re […]