Jonathan Ive on Apple’s design process and product philosophy

When Steve Jobs led Apple, he created a core principle for the company’s designers and engineers: stay fully focused on making great products. That philosophy continues to guide Apple under its new chief executive, Tim Cook, says Jonathan Ive, the company’s head of design. “One of the values of things I learned absolutely directly from […]

Mobile news presentation should be different from web or print

Every print newspaper article goes through a process of reporting, editing and design to optimize how it appears in print. And most publishers have gotten comfortable with customization of online stories for things like SEO and adding additional content or updates. But content customization for mobile is scant, the participants at our summit said–even at […]

Infusing design into your newsroom culture: 7 good questions with John Maeda

John Maeda’s work has crossed many disciplines — design, technology and business — and now, he works at the intersection of all three. Former president of Rhode Island School of Design, Maeda is now design partner at venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and chairs the eBay Design Advisory Council. In both roles, he’s tasked […]

A Guardian audience survey found that, of 17 key product drivers, the speed of the site ranked No. 2

The speed of the website loading was behind only whether content was easy to find or not. Joshua Benton pulls out some main ideas from a talk about how The Guardian is trying to decrease the load time of its site: “Load the most important parts (for a news article, the headline and text) first […]

The new LA Times site gives users several prewritten tweets and continues the shift toward an article-page-centric ethos for digital news design

You might have heard: The Los Angeles Times is redesigning for the mobile web(Digiday) But did you know: Joshua Benton writes a first take on the design — it looks nice. The new site’s“sharelines,” which are prewritten tweet-size blurbs to share, are a reminder that the web increasingly demands multiple points of entry to any one piece of […]

4 ways to design stronger A/B tests through UX research

A/B testing allows websites to compare variations of the same web page to determine which will generate the best outcomes. But if A/B tests are used in lieu of research, the variations are essentially guesses. You can improve outcomes of A/B tests by incorporating UX research to improve cause identification, develop more realistic hypotheses, and […]

Columbia’s Tow Center released a report on 125 newsrooms’ video strategies and the return on investment for news video

Caroline O’Donovan recaps the report’s recommendations: Sports videos and explainers did well across newsrooms, they found, and evergreen video content with a long tail is always helpful. Social video should be about audience not gimmicks, and short videos tend to get the most viewers. Video ads should be better, and newsrooms can’t expect to depend […]

Successful companies carefully design every aspect of users’ experience with their products

During the heyday of industrial and manufacturing economies, what mattered was the brand. Today, what matters is the complete experience, one that hides technology, infrastructure and complexity and in the process creates a bond between us and the product, writes Om Malik. For news organizations, this means thinking about not only your website, but your […]

The Verge, Modern Farmer get their first National Magazine Award nominations

The American Society of Magazine Editors announced finalists for its 2014 National Magazine Awards. Among the usual suspects (New York got nine nominations, and National Geographic, Wired and The New Yorker each got six), The Verge got a nomination for the video that accompanied its story about Carmen Tarleton, who received a face transplant. Modern Farmer […]

Beautiful designs inflate the importance of smaller stories

Felix Salmon is over beautiful journalism that has “nice big headline, huge photos, loads of white space, intuitive and immersive scrolling, super-wide column widths.” He writes, “the result is a cognitive disconnect: why is the website design telling me that this short blog post is incredibly important, when in reality it’s just a blockquote and […]