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Data reporting and visualization (Page 9)

Improve your data journalism skills — for free

The European Journalism Centre is hosting a free five-week online course starting in early 2014, “Doing Journalism With Data: First Steps and Skills.” Some of the topics include an introduction to data journalism in the newsroom, how to find and understand your data, and how to transform data into stories and interactive visualizations.

Data and visualization year in review, 2013

Nathan Yau rounds up some of the best data visualizations from the year and reflects on some themes. “There were several themes throughout the year, but the most important was the strengthened connection between data and reality,” he writes.

New MIT Media Lab tools allows anyone to visualize unwieldy government data

More than 400,000 datasets have become available online from 175 agencies since the US government created A new project, DataViva, developed in part by Media Lab professor César Hidalgo, aims to make a wide swath of government economic data usable with a series of visualization apps. The apps allow users to see the same […]

What would a startup built to take advantage the news and data look like?

There’s a trend of new journalism companies that deliver both news and data, writes Rafat Ali, founder of travel industry news and data service Skift. “The new generation of mediata companies are looking beyond the traditional business media companies in their set, and instead looking at the best of consumer web and mobile product-driven companies, […]

Scrutinize your infographics to help your readers

Gareth Cook, editor of Houghton Mifflin’s The Best American Infographics 2013, thinks readers may have wised up to being skeptical of writing on the Internet, but not yet infographics. That’s a problem because while there are great examples, there’s also “garbage in vast quantities.” In this interview, Cook discusses details to pay attention to in […]

How storyboarding helps create visual content

As storytelling forms become more complex and include text, photos, videos and graphics, the movie industry’s process of storyboarding can help organize those elements in a more visual and structured way. “Storyboards can be used in the planning process to isolate the most important steps and then visualize them, creating a map to refer to […]

How MinnPost builds news apps on a shoestring

Alan Palazzolo give tips on how the MinnPost is able to be efficient with very little staff and resources, but still create value for their readers with interactive and compelling ways of stories. Palazzolo talks about how reducing your server size — or just using your desktop — can significantly reduce costs, and how using […]

4 tools from Knight Lab to make information more beautiful

Miranda Mulligan, executive editor of the Knight Lab, shared four tools created by the lab to assist journalists in making information more meaningful. The tools include a simple way to make interactive timelines with a Google spreadsheet, a tool to create inline audio citations, a mapping tool, and a tool to explore advanced Twitter searches.

How to do journalism with data

While statistics are the most important source for data journalism, it’s not the complete story. Data journalism needs more than statistics and classic storytelling — you need to be able to find the story behind the data and to know the specific tools for analyzing and visualizing the data to complete the equation. To get […]

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