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Data reporting and visualization (Page 6)

Are India’s media missing the data journalism revolution?

“In a country so socially, economically, culturally and politically diverse, one would assume that statistics would be a crucial component of news as a way to ensure inclusive, truthful, and insightful coverage. Sadly, realities on the ground paint a different picture, and the media seem to be largely indifferent to the lure of digital data […]

How The New York Times built the “Spot the Ball” news app

While the idea isn’t theirs — it dates back to the ’70s in the UK at least, where newspapers ran it as a cash prize competition — what went into building it was a quick prototype, some really good Photoshop, a plan to “gamify” the interactions, that is to make the interface playful in addition […]

More doubt and transparency will save data journalism

Matt Waite writes about how data journalism shouldn’t only be about truth and authority, but about skepticism and doubt. “Too often, we use numbers with blind faith, as if they were handed down from on high and we mere mortals are not to question them. We do not communicate doubt in our own findings, or […]

How to prioritize devices and browsers when testing responsive web design

Before responsive web design, we had to test five web browsers on a desktop computer. Now with responsive web design, we have at least 15 browsers working on a myriad of different-sized devices, with many different input types, multiple pixel resolutions and hugely varying connection speeds. Tom Maslen, a developer working on the BBC News’ […]

Take an interviewing approach to find stories in data

Derek Willis writes about why journalists who wouldn’t consider themselves “data journalists” already have the necessary foundation for asking good questions of data. “Just as you would background a person you were interviewing for a story, data has its own history,” writes Willis. He goes over how to prep the data, “running the traps,” and […]

How collaboration helped La Nación to a data project award

Argentinian news outlet La Nación picked up an award for its data journalism project revealing open statements of assets from key public officials in the country. In a country without Freedom of Information laws and data distributed only in printed formats, La Nacion teamed up with three NGOs and more than 30 volunteers to manually […]

What does “open” really means for FiveThirtyEight, Vox, and the Upshot

Now that all three projects have been up for a few weeks, Erin Kissane takes a closer look at the data, and especially the code, that each has released. “Although only the Upshot launched with day-one open code and none of the three projects routinely release data sets alongside each article … it’s encouraging to […]

The Pyramid of Journalism Competence: What journalists need to know

Roy Peter Clark examines the updated Pyramid of Competence, which was first created in the late 1990s, energized by a call to action from our executive director Tom Rosenstiel, who was one of the leaders of the Committee of Concerned Journalists at the time. Aggregation, curation, numeracy, data visualization have been added to core competencies […]

4 things I wish every chart did — and should do

Des Traynor lists four improvements that’ll make your visualizations more about answers, and less about gradients and drop shadows: annotate the data, annotate the slopes, exclude (or flag) incomplete periods, and enable projections. + Marc Andreessen annotates NPR’s note to its staff from 20 years ago announcing “internet” (News Genius) + Corporate time equivalents: “Just a sec” = […]

A how-to guide for cleaning up data, for beginning data journalists

Claire Miller provides some tips and ideas for getting started with data journalism. Miller focuses on the process of extracting data from PDFs and goes through step-by-step on how to organize data so you can read and analyze it. + Examples of how some US hyperlocal news organizations using data to tell stories(BBC College of Journalism) […]

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