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Data reporting and visualization (Page 3)

Resources for learning and doing data journalism

Tutorials Using Excel to do Precision Journalism by Steve Doig: Here you can learn the “basic spreadsheet knowledge” we talked about – sorting, filtering and basic calculations – in about one to two hours. If you’re interested, Doig goes on to cover formulas and tables, which are slightly more advanced. Google Sheets support from Google: If you […]

The rise of data reporting

“Data and journalism have become deeply intertwined, with increased prominence,” journalist Alex Howard wrote in in a report for the Tow Center at Columbia University entitled “Debugging the backlash to data journalism.” “To make sense of the data deluge, journalists today need to be more numerate, technically literate and logical.” These changes come to the […]

How data journalism and more long-form stories are a challenge for the PR industry

“It’s no secret that fewer and fewer journalists are being asked to write more and more copy.  Only the most short-sighted PR would say this is a good thing,” PR Week’s Robert Bownes writes. Data journalism leads to more in-depth journalism and more interesting stories, but this is also a challenge for those in the […]

NYT’s Sarah Cohen: Data journalism is about people, not just statistics

Sarah Cohen, editor of The New York Times’ computer-assisted reporting team, says data journalism is about more than just statistics — it’s about people. According to Cohen, data journalism investigates the way a system is supposed to work compared to how it’s actually working. Cohen says: “The challenge is to document what’s supposed to happen. […]

How two projects are taking on immigration in Europe through crowdsourcing and data journalism

Two projects in Europe are covering the influx of African migrants into Italy, one through crowdsourcing and one through data journalism. Italy’s Migranti collects and publishes “positive stories of integration and solidarity,” and anyone can submit articles, photos or videos to the project. The Migrants Files, a pan-European project, is taking a data-driven approach by […]

Quartz’s lessons from its first two years of Chartbuilder: It’s been a successful platform to teach reporters new skills

Two years after the release of its open-source charting tool Chartbuilder, Quartz shares the lessons its team has learned from maintaining and using the software. The idea has caught on with other news organizations, with NYT, Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg building their own custom software, and NPR, CNBC and The New Yorker creating customized […]

Quartz launches Atlas, a searchable platform for charts and data visualizations

You might have heard: As publishing has moved to digital forms, journalists have discovered it is sometimes preferable to tell a news story without writing an article But did you know: Atlas is Quartz’s new home for its charts and data visualizations created by staff and select contributors. Readers are able to search Atlas, as […]

When web scraping, should data journalists should still identify themselves as reporters?

When reporters start asking questions, the first thing they do is identify themselves as journalists. But when data journalists use web scraping to gather data, a robot is the one sending queries to servers or databases. Glen McGregor, national affairs reporter for the Ottawa Citizen, says journalists should still identify themselves as such: “In the […]

Shazna Nessa: Data journalists will become integrated with newsrooms

Nessa, the Knight Foundation’s director of journalism, says data journalists will become integrated with newsrooms, just as web production teams did. Instead of having a specialized data team in the newsroom, data journalists could specialize in a beat while becoming fully integrated into the newsroom. Nessa says: “I love the idea that … there’s somebody […]

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