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A changed idea of ‘membership’ can engrain news organizations as part of a community

News organizations often think of “membership” as another word for “subscription,” Jeff Jarvis writes, but a changing idea of “membership” offers both opportunities for revenue as well as improving the relationship between publishers and the communities they serve. Jarvis writes: “If we reconsider the notion of membership fully, then media institutions will see themselves not […]

Why more newsrooms are hiring engagement editors to try to understand audiences better

Engagement editors have become a priority in newsroom hiring, Elia Powers writes, signaling an increased desire by newsrooms to engage better with their audiences and attempt to understand them better. Steve Buttry says news outlets are realizing that they weren’t doing enough to engage with their audiences, but digital platforms make engagement easier. Buttry says: […]

How The Skimm turned a daily newsletter into an engaged community

In this Q&A with The Skimm founders Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin, Weisberg and Zakin say they had no plan to turn the daily newsletter into an engaged community when they launched it three years ago. Since then, The Skimm has gotten 1.5 million subscribers, success that Weisberg and Zakin attribute to their Skimm’bassadors program […]

Why disabling comments is the opposite of an engagement strategy

Howard Goldberg, former AP New York bureau chief, writes that turning off the comments is the opposite of an engagement strategy, and comment sections can be used as a playground for newsrooms. Disabling comments drives users to other platforms, and newsrooms should develop a strategy for managing comment sections, which may include bringing in outside […]

How TheSkimm relies on its readers for audience development

Since TheSkimm launched three years ago, its referral program called “Skimm’bassadors” has been critical to its growth. Five weeks after a reader signs up for TheSkimm, they get an email encouraging them to share TheSkimm with a friend using a unique URL. If they get five friends to sign up, they become a “Skimm’bassador” with […]

New Reddit content policies will ban some offensive content, but not all

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman laid out policy changes on Thursday afternoon, including that Reddit will reclassify offensive content and put a NSFW label on material that “violates a common sense of decency.” Reddit will also outright ban “anything that incites harm or violence against an individual or group of people” or “harasses, bullies, or abuses […]

Reddit’s new CEO: Some communities should not be here at all

Reddit’s new CEO and co-founder Steve Huffman said in an announcement on Tuesday that Reddit was not created to be a “bastion of free speech,” and “some communities currently on the platform should not be here at all.” To that end, Huffman says Reddit is evaluating its policies and developing new tools to enforce those […]

How the rebellion at Reddit reflects the challenges of commercializing an online community

Sam Gerstenzang, former director of product at Imgur, says that Reddit’s rebellion is only the most recent in a long line of online community rebellions, mostly linked to a tension from a company’s for-profit mission. Online communities tend to think of themselves as democracies, but Gerstenzang says they more closely resemble a weak dictatorship due to […]

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