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Advice for local news: Think about what local can do, not what it can’t

While many people talk about the limitations of local news, Billy Penn founder Jim Brady says local news organizations should focus on their strengths — easy access to the community and consumers who are “all within your reach physically.” Brady says: “Local sites, they have this perception that they should wall themselves off a little […]

How The Guardian US is building an audience for its project tracking American killed by police

Earlier this month, The Guardian US launched The Counted, an interactive project that counts every person killed by law enforcement in the United States. But an audience for such projects doesn’t just magically appear, so The Guardian US’ audience team is working to build a community who is interested in following the issue long-term. Audience […]

After a mistake goes viral, address it directly

When the East Oregonian published a headline earlier this week saying a baseball pitcher was “amphibious,” a picture of the headline quickly spread across the Internet. The newspaper responded by publishing a column online acknowledging its mistake, a decision David Higgerson says is the right way to move on after a mistake goes viral. By […]

To fix the video discovery problem, a NYC-centric video platform is going local

As video continues to grow rapidly, getting audiences to discover videos is one of the biggest problems that remains. To overcome that problem, NYC.TV is trying to recreate public access TV by giving independent New York City-area video creators a place to promote and distribute their content. NYC.TV’s co-founder Kareem Ahmed says: “Just publishing a […]

The Coral Project wants to turn comment sections into communities

You might have heard: Comment section can sometimes do more harm than good, leading some publishers to kill their comment sections But did you know: The Coral Project, a collaboration between The Washington Post, New York Times and Mozilla, is looking to transform interactive spaces on news sites through a series of open-source apps. The apps […]

Techniques to make your company more approachable to your community

To better engage with your community, make sure you seem approachable in the first place. Neil Patel shares marketing techniques that make businesses appear more approachable by their customers. Patel recommends being generous, which could include offering free resources to the community or donating your time to a need in the community.

Insights from ProPublica on building audiences through social media

ProPublica’s senior engagement editor Amanda Zamora says building audiences through social media takes time, but it’s worth the investment. Zamora shares her insights on audience engagement, including how to use messaging apps to create a conversation between journalists and the community. + More on messaging apps: Lessons from students at U.K.’s Birmingham City University on […]

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