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To increase emotional engagement, make the story about the reader

While digital media is changing fast, creative development director Andy Cowles says there’s some universal ways for publishers to increase emotional engagement with their stories. Cowles says: “Facebook is BuzzFeed’s number one referrer. But in all of these article titles the three-word phrases that crop up more than anything else are the words ‘you,’ ‘your’ […]

A new report from Local News Lab explores lessons for local news in revenue and community engagement

In the Local News Lab’s latest report, a series of six essays document the project’s own learnings in areas such as revenue, community engagement and philanthropy. Some questions tackled include “How might communities be more active participants in local news?” and “How might newsrooms, working with communities, better represent and respond to the diverse needs […]

Tips from a Los Angeles Times engagement editor on engaging your audience during breaking news

Los Angeles Times engagement editor Daniela Gerson says the key to covering a bomb threat to L.A. schools was “prioritizing digital engagement at the beginning of the process.” The L.A. Times asked readers how the decision to close schools affected their day, which Gerson says extended their reach beyond what their reporting team could have […]

Why gamification is still a gamble, but one with potentially big payoffs

At a recent Wharton conference, experts from firms including Fidelity and Accenture gathered to discuss how they’re using gamification to motivate employees and clients, and the results they’re seeing. The consensus from the conference is that gamification is still a gamble, but many companies are seeing big payoffs: With a gamification system to increase sales […]

Why ‘audience’ is more than just a publishers’ active readers

Publishers often consider their “audience” to simply be their active readers, Maria Terrell writes. However, Terrell says publishers should define their audience as those readers who are showing support, interest and enthusiasm for the publisher’s product. By communicating with that part of the audience and acting upon their feedback, Terrell writes that publishers can build […]

To be relevant and trustworthy to its audience, journalism needs to abandon a top-down model and focus on engagement

While the industry has invested resources in exploring new business models and using analytics to grow audiences, Andrew DeVigal writes that there’s something else we need to be focusing on: Using engagement to increase trust. “If journalism didn’t exist today, it wouldn’t be created in the top-down distributed model it has used in the past,” […]

BuzzFeed and Jonah Peretti’s lessons for other publishers: Readers need more control over what’s ‘news’

Speaking at Mindshare’s Huddle event in London, Jonah Peretti shared takeaways for other publishers from what they’ve learned at BuzzFeed. Among those lessons, Peretti says publishers need to give readers more control over what’s “news,” a concept BuzzFeed is applying as it focuses its coverage on topics not widely covered elsewhere. Peretti says: “In the […]

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