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5 ways to build trust with your readers going into 2017

Studies have shown that trust in the media is at an all-time low. Especially after a particularly contentious election season, building relationships with readers is essential for newsrooms. Research from API shows that building trust with readers is not only a journalistic aspiration, but a business imperative. People who put a higher premium on trust […]

Newspaper ownership by large investment groups is creating even more media deserts and raising questions about the future of local news

You might have heard: Despite many new local news sites, “media deserts” created by the closure of local newspapers are still a stubborn reality But did you know: According to a new report from the UNC School of Media and Journalism’s Center for Innovation and Sustainability in Local Media, newspaper ownership by large investment groups […]

What Hearken means when it talks about engagement: Members of the audience are responsive to newsrooms, and newsrooms are responsive in return

The news industry can’t seem to agree on what exactly “engagement” means. So, Jennifer Brandel is defining what Hearken means when it talks about “engagement”: “Engagement happens when members of the public are responsive to newsrooms, and newsrooms are in turn responsive to members of the public.” Brandel says to determine if there’s actual engagement […]

How Nextdoor implemented new features to reduce racist posts by 75 percent

“Erasing racism through technology alone is impossible,” Kashmir Hill writes, but neighborhood social network Nextdoor found that a few changes to its interface reduced the number of racist posts significantly. Those changes, which were rolled out to all of its users last week, include requiring users whose posts in the “crime and safety” section mention […]

How Chicago’s The Daily Line used reader feedback to develop a niche subscription product

Chicago’s The Daily Line, known until last week as Aldertrack, is a niche newsletter and website aimed at a small segment of the Chicago population: land developers, contractors, lobbyists, attorneys, and labor organization members invested in Chicago’s political system. That small segment is supporting The Daily Line’s mission, with $39/month or $395/year subscriptions. And to […]

Incoming public editor Liz Spayd’s advice for the NYT: Listen to your readers

In her first column as public editor, Liz Spayd offers her advice for how the NYT can attract more readers: Listen to your readers more. Spayd writes: “What The Times and most other newsrooms mostly do now is not so much listen to readers as watch and analyze them, like fish in a bowl. … […]

Librarian turned journalist: How columnists bridge the gap between news media and libraries

For librarians, one goal is to share the library goings-on with the community, to let everyone know not only what kinds of classes, programs and events are available and open to the public, but also to share news about what librarians do on a daily basis. Librarians support a community’s cultural and informational needs, and […]

One small Norwegian newspaper is using public journalism to give meaning to engagement

Roar Vigeland Osmundsen, editor-in-chief of Søgne og Songdalens Budstikke, told the World Editors Forum that when immigration hit Norway’s small villages, their online readership didn’t grow with the population. Together with three editors from other local newspapers, he set up a three-year project, dedicating long-term coverage to one specific subject in each village, to increase […]

Effective social media is more about a two-way street of engagement than just posting good content

Many news organizations, brands and individuals are all missing the mark when it comes to social media, Andrew Pelletier writes. While a lot of social media discussion focuses in on the content itself, Pelletier says engagement is even more important. Pelletier outlines four things influential social media accounts are doing, including how they respond to […]

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