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5 ways to reach the right people with your fact-checking

If a fact-check falls into a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Apologies for the old trope, but it does capture the way fact-checkers sometimes approach their work. Today, we know there’s more fact-checking than ever, with  reporters producing deeply researched, high-quality examinations of politicians and government […]

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How to become a newsroom that consistently engages audiences

Not many newsrooms are designed with engaging audiences in mind. Many newsroom leaders find it more natural to approach tools of engagement as tools for marketing and promotion. And many staffers hear more loudly that they should use social media to work on their brands rather than to work on their relationships with sources, subjects […]

How to listen to your audience and learn from them

In between the projects that often fuel engagement efforts, there are other opportunities for journalists to listen. The phrase “Grow bigger ears” has become a popular one in public relations and social media circles. It suggests that the best way to respond to a world where more people are talking is to find smart ways […]

How to engage your audiences in 5 key steps

Engaging audiences in journalism can take many forms, ranging in scope from small actions to immersive projects. There is no single formula for the best way to move from producing content to more fully listening and engaging with audiences. The most successful engagement efforts can look different and yield different results — from a couple […]

What exactly is engagement and what difference does it make?

Though “engagement” is a word journalists hear a lot these days, its function can be tough to articulate. For many, the goal of engagement seems to be largely marketing, chiefly on social media. How many shares can your story get? How many followers do you have on Twitter? For others, engagement is about making your […]

Tips for building successful online communities

When trying to foster communities online, we need to be aware that all online communities have their own language and ways to identify outsiders, Laura Petrolino writes. Petrolino shares ways to learn the language and build an online community, including: Identify influencers in the community first, check out what the competitors do, and think about […]

News organizations should think of comments as a way to uncover new stories

At the International Journalism Festival in Perugia, The Coral Project’s Greg Barber said news organizations should foster online communities. At a time when many news organizations are cutting the comment section, Barber says there’s a strong reason why they should encourage these communities: “Online communities are important to not only augment what has already been […]

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