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Community engagement

To help reduce polarization, let’s re-envision news’ opinion sections

Many communities across the country today have unprecedented opportunity to converse with each other, understand one another’s views, and find workable solutions or approaches to the mutual challenges they face. At the same time, we all know this doesn’t always happen. At API, we’re interested in the role opinion journalism can play in facilitating better […]

News Integrity Initiative gives $150k to American Press Institute to expand mentorship initiative and improve newsroom-community relationships

The News Integrity Initiative at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY has granted the American Press Institute $150,000 to deepen and expand its existing newsroom mentorship initiative and help newsrooms create organizational cultures built on community listening. With the funds, API will add to the mentorship capacity it has tested over the […]

How to tell if your culture has truly adapted to a reader revenue focus

Becoming a reader-focused organization is not about technology or data. This report provides a framework for building those tools, but they are just tools. Growing engagement and shifting to reader revenue requires actions across the organization that authentically support an audience-focused mission. Truly pivoting to readers is a cultural transformation, not a development project. A […]

What it really means to shift to reader revenue

Let’s consider what it means to truly shift your business to prioritize reader revenues. Because to fully commit to that change, you have to commit to a new focus on trust, loyalty, data, and understanding your audiences. A “pivot” to reader revenue is a pivot to trust The consumer’s journey to subscribing is simple in […]

How listening can benefit your business model

Much of the discussion on listening and relationship-building focuses on trust and how newsrooms can forge deeper connections with communities who may feel misrepresented, marginalized or misled by the newsroom’s coverage. But how does a culture of listening help a news organization’s bottom line? Many summit participants admitted they had more work to do to […]

Creating and supporting roles that sustain a culture of listening

If newsrooms truly want to support a culture of listening, leadership should think about how the skills, roles and makeup of the staff need to change and evolve. Diversity among newsroom staff, a longstanding and persistent issue in the industry, becomes even more imperative. Having a variety of backgrounds and perspectives represented will help build […]

How to optimize your reporting workflow for listening

Faced with shrinking newsrooms and often increasing responsibilities, finding the time to listen and build relationships can seem like a luxury that most reporters don’t have. The key is finding ways to thread these practices into the fabric of your reporting. Listening can become a core part of your process, not an extra thing you […]

How to find or create spaces for listening to people

From Facebook groups to baby showers, participants at our Nashville summit offered examples of creative and compelling ways journalists can be present in existing community spaces, or design new opportunities to listen to different communities. Finding the right spaces to listen A common refrain from listening-focused journalists, and community engagement advocates in general, is to […]

Embodying key principles and ethics of deep listening

Listening can help news organizations inform and enrich their journalism. It also challenges reporters to pursue new and sometimes different relationships with people in their communities, going outside the typically transactional nature of journalism. “Our current approach to listening, dialogue and engagement in general is episodic and sporadic,” said Linda Miller, director of network journalism […]

How to decide whom your newsroom needs to listen to

To listen more deeply, newsrooms must first determine who should be the focus of their listening. One of the first questions we asked participants at our summit in Nashville was: “Whom do you want to listen to more in your work?” We distributed Post-Its and had everyone write down specific individuals, groups or communities that […]

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