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Medium becomes even more of a publisher as it experiments with sponsored content

Medium has launched a sponsored magazine called Re:form, a collection of posts about design edited by Sarah Rich, a former senior editor at Dwell magazine. The collection is sponsored by BMW and will include native advertising that will be created by Medium staff, with help from the company’s advertising agencies. AdAge has more details about the sponsorship. […]

How to encourage better commenters

The value of anonymity vs. non-anonymity in online comment sections can be a point of contention in a newsroom. “If comment systems treated commenters better, their comments would be better,” writes Derek Powazek. Offering a “Commenter’s Bill of Rights,” Powazek runs through functionality that should make for a better experience for everyone, including the ability […]

Do potential users want news in the format the new Potluck app delivers it?

The new iteration of Potluck is an attempt to help improve commenting online. This time it centers discussion, with a user’s friends, around “snacks” — bite-size news bits. The creator “envisions Potluck as a place for people to have more serious conversations, but it’s not necessarily up to him how people use the service,” writes […]

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