The New York Times profiles some of its top commenters, which include a minister, stay-at-home mom and a 95-year-old who writes his comments as poetry

To put faces to its comment section, The New York Times profiled 14 of its top commenters. To choose who to profile, NYT used a statistical analysis of how often their comments had been recommended, as well as the judgement of their comment moderators. Some highlights: 95-year-old Larry Eisenberg comments in poetry, writer Rima Regas […]

Vice’s Motherboard is turning off comments, saying ‘the problem is a matter of medium’

Vice’s Motherboard announced Monday that it will turn off its comment section. By getting rid of the comment section, editor in chief Derek Mead says it will “foster smarter, more valuable discussion and criticism of our work” in other communication channels. Mead writes there’s a stark disparity between the quality of emails Motherboard receives from […]

NYT community editor: ‘We have to treat comments as content’

NYT community editor: ‘We have to treat comments as content’ (Nieman Lab) As more media organizations choose to get rid of the comment sections, New York Times community editor Bassey Etim says publishers need to “treat comments as content.” NYT asked commenters in a survey about why they commented, finding 40 percent of commenters believe […]

What happens after a news site gets rid of comments: Out of 7 sites, all but one says they won’t be going back

Justin Ellis spoke with seven news outlets who got rid of the comment section, including Re/code and USA Today’s FTW, and all but one say they won’t be bringing comments back. Reuters says comments were a small fraction of its engagement with its readers, and its comments weren’t reflective of the diversity of its readers. […]

Advertising in the comment section comes with significant risks for brands

You might have heard: Commenting platform Livefyre, which is used by publishers including The Wall Street Journal and Condé Nast, launched sponsored comments But did you know: Comment sections are the latest area of publishers’ websites to go up for sale to advertisers, but advertisers say there’s reason to be skeptical whether comment advertisements will […]

Commenting platform Livefyre, used by publishers including The Wall Street Journal and Condé Nast, launches sponsored comments

You might have heard: Comment sections are often a challenge for publishers, but benefits can include increased web traffic and community But did you know: Condé Nast, The Wall Street Journal, CNN and Fox News can now embed advertisements into their comment sections. The ads are powered by Livefyre and are sold directly by publishers. […]

How 5 journalists interact with the comments on their articles

Journalists are often warned to stay away from the comment section, especially on their own articles, but some journalists are finding value is paying attention to the comments and interacting with commenters. Ars Technica senior business editor Cyrus Farivar says he skims the comment section during the first 24 hours after a post goes live, […]

Why bad comments are a system failure and why publishers should prioritize comments

As sites including The Daily Dot and The Verge have given up their comment sections, Jessamyn West writes that a bad comment section is a system failure that can be fixed, but publishers have to prioritize comment sections. West writes that strategies such as having moderators who redirect conversations, closing threads, and giving users timeouts […]

Why disabling comments is the opposite of an engagement strategy

Howard Goldberg, former AP New York bureau chief, writes that turning off the comments is the opposite of an engagement strategy, and comment sections can be used as a playground for newsrooms. Disabling comments drives users to other platforms, and newsrooms should develop a strategy for managing comment sections, which may include bringing in outside […]

What happens after a publisher shuts down its comments section?

Publishers including The Daily Dot and The Verge have recently shut down their comment sections for reasons including the difficulty of keeping comments civil and a lack of resources for moderating comment sections. Federica Cherubini says that while these publishers drop their comment sections, they’re still acknowledging the value of the conversation, which could possibly […]