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Tribune Publishing is the highest bidder for the Orange County Register and Riverside Press-Enterprise at $56 million

You might have heard: In a letter to Freedom Communications, the US Justice Department warned that if Tribune Publishing purchased the Orange County Register and Riverside Press-Enterprise, it would take antitrust action But did you know: Tribune Publishing will be the new owner of Freedom Communications’ Orange County Register and Riverside Press-Enterprise, beating out Digital […]

The US Justice Department warns that if Tribune Publishing purchases the Orange County Register, it will take antitrust action

You might have heard: Freedom Communications is selling the Orange County Register and Riverside Press-Enterprise in a formal auction today, which includes Tribune Publishing and Digital First Media and Tribune Publishing as bidders (Los Angeles Daily News) But did you know: According to a letter to Freedom Communications, the U.S. Justice Department sees “serious” antitrust […]

Washington Post: Our competitors aren’t NYT or CNN, they’re Netflix and Hulu

As The Washington Post tries to develop a new national audience, director of product Julia Beizer explains why the newspaper doesn’t think of its competitors as other news organizations when defining who its audience is: “Our biggest competitors these days aren’t The New York Times or CNN. They are Hulu, Netflix and any place a […]

Seeing success with its tablet edition, La Presse will not focus on smartphone apps

Canadian newspaper La Presse ended its daily print edition at the end of December, instead publishing on its tablet edition La Presse+. Each weekday, around 250,000 unique devices access La Presse+, and 100,000 new devices have started using the tablet app weekly since the print edition ended, Catalina Albeanu reports. But despite the success La […]

The decision to combine editor and publisher roles is an ‘equal and opposite reaction’ to Griffin’s strategy at Tribune

You might have heard: Tribune Publishing is combining the role of editor and publisher at several of its newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune (Tribune Publishing) But did you know: While former Tribune CEO Jack Griffin was in the pursuit of a national advertising base, Rick Edmonds writes that the decisions made so […]

Chris Hughes sold The New Republic to publisher Win McCormack

You might have heard: After buying The New Republic in 2012, Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes put it back up for sale in January, saying the magazine needs a new business model But did you know: Six weeks after Chris Hughes announced he was putting The New Republic up for sale, the magazine has a new […]

Austin Beutner: Local news organizations should take advantage of their ‘unique geography’

Under Jack Griffin’s leadership at Tribune Publishing, the company focused on a national strategy to sell more national ads based on scale. But former Los Angeles Times publisher Austin Beutner says he was more interested in taking advantage of the opportunities of local communities: “There’s very little commonality across those [markets], and you can’t support […]

Axel Springer is launching its new app Upday because it doesn’t want to be overly dependent on third-party platforms

Axel Springer is launching its own news aggregation platform Upday, in partnership with Samsung and with more than 1,200 publishers as partners. Lucinda Southern writes that Axel Springer is creating Upday because it’s wary of being too dependent on third-party platforms. Upday was created with publishers’ needs in mind, says Upday CEO Peter Würtenberger: It’s […]

Why The Boston Globe’s newest vertical Stat is ‘the media startup to envy’

The science beat was one of the first beats to be eliminated from daily newspapers, Anna Clark writes, but The Boston Globe’s health, medicine and life sciences vertical Stat is prioritizing science journalism once again. Because Stat is an independent company, it has the freedom to make its own editorial decisions independent from the Globe. […]

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