Business models

Is it possible for journalism to move away from ‘peak content’?

If clickbait is devouring journalism as Frédéric Filloux argues, Chris Sutcliffe asks, is there a way for news organizations to move away from “peak content,” or creating content to get as much traffic as possible? Sutcliffe writes: “Publishers’ reliance on ad revenue from huge audiences means they’ll inevitably resort to lowest common denominator-style publishing if […]

Prevention magazine will no longer accept print ads, and will raise newsstand and subscription prices

You might have heard: Many publications are seeing steep losses in print advertising that aren’t being made up by digital ad revenue But did you know: Prevention magazine is taking a radical step: It will no longer accept print ads starting with its July 2016 issue, cutting costs by eliminating ad pages. Newsstand and subscription […]

Facebook live video is drawing news organizations and other media companies in with big audience numbers, but the opportunities for revenue remain unclear

You might have heard: Facebook launched its live video streaming feature two months ago, with some news organizations finding fast success with the feature because of the built-in audience But did you know: With its new live video feature, Facebook seems to have handed the media industry the answers to the questions of how to […]

70 daily newspapers were sold in 2015 for a total of $827 million

You might have heard: 2015 saw Tribune Publishing’s acquisition of the San Diego Union-Tribune and Gannett’s purchase of Journal Media Group and its 15 newspapers, and some predicted that ownership changes would continue into 2016 But did you know: The latest strategy to stay alive in the newspaper business is newspapers eating other newspapers, Gerry […]

The Times of London is moving away from covering breaking news to focus on more in-depth analysis

With a hard paywall that’s been up since 2010, the Times of London has established itself as a destination for in-depth analysis, opinion and commentary for its subscribers. Despite that specialty, it has still covered breaking news. But now, the Times of London will move away from covering breaking news as it happens in favor […]

Bloggers are starting to worry about how an algorithm-based Instagram feed will affect their engagement

In the wake of the news that Instagram may soon move to an algorithm-based feed, bloggers are starting to get worried about how those changes would affect them. Fashion bloggers in particular began asking their followers on Instagram Monday to turn on post notifications for their Instagrams, so their posts will still be seen even […]

Three alternatives to ‘clickbait’: A paid-for model, nonprofit journalism, and separating ‘clickbait’ from the rest of the newsroom

Publishers’ obsession with “clickbait” and getting as many pageviews as possible is devouring journalism, Frédéric Filloux writes. Filloux says publishers have at least three viable alternatives to get out of the “clickbait” business: A paid model (such as a paywall or membership), nonprofit, philanthropy-supported journalism (such as ProPublica or the Center for Public Integrity), and […]

Why The New York Times has a team dedicated to working with its apps and how local news organizations can adopt this strategy

New York Times’ Beta team is dedicated to working with NYT’s various apps, many of which aren’t necessarily hard or breaking news related. With apps such as Cooking or its real estate app, the Beta team is trying to build a deeper connection with readers and helping readers access some of the content they’re most […]

Pay-per-article platform Blendle has launched in the US, with partners including NYT and WSJ

You might have heard: A Dutch startup called Blendle is trying to get readers to pay by the article, with investors including The New York Times Co. and Axel Springer But did you know: Dutch startup Blendle has officially launched in the United States with its “iTunes for news” model. The New York Times, Wall […]

Johnston Press will sell, close or drastically cut costs at 59 local newspapers

Johnston Press announced this week that it will sell, close or cut costs at 59 of its local newspapers. The company said in a statement that it had “identified a number of newsbrands that are now considered non-core and such will be either divested or run with less costs.” In 2015, Johnston Press closed a […]