Business models

With the rise of platforms, publishers will now need to justify having a website at all

The online advertising and publishing landscape is shifting toward platforms, Paul Bradshaw writes, forcing publishers to justify why they need to have a website at all going forward. Bradshaw writes: “The Facebook/Google/Medium takeover is not the end of the open web, but rather the beginning of journalism which is genuinely of the internet and not […]

Driven by micropayments, Winnipeg Free Press expects about $100,000 in digital revenue this year

The Winnipeg Free Press is experimenting with a micropayment model, and almost a year in, readers who pay by the article are paying an average of $2 per month. About 4,300 readers have paid to read at least one story, which cost 27 cents (about 21 cents USD) each. With its new micropayment model, the […]

Digital-only organizations are searching for successful revenue models, just like legacy organizations

Digital-only organizations are facing some of the same problems as legacy organizations, Ken Doctor writes. Digital-only publications are still trying to find sustainable business models, but it’s not really a “cratering” of the digital news business. Doctor writes: “[What we’re seeing is] a significant recalibration. If people expect these companies to have figured out how […]

BuzzFeed didn’t cut its 2016 revenue forecast in half, chair Ken Lerer says

The Financial Times reported Tuesday that BuzzFeed significantly missed its revenue target for 2015 and was cutting its 2016 projections in half as a result. But BuzzFeed chair Ken Lerer says that its forecast for 2016 haven’t changed. Lerer says BuzzFeed met its projections for the the first quarter of 2016 and is on track […]

The next location for Jim Brady’s local news experiment will be Baltimore, Chicago or Pittsburgh

You might have heard: With an investment from Gannett, Billy Penn’s parent company Spirited Media will expand into new cities But did you know: Spirited Media, the company that owns and operates Billy Penn, is narrowing in on Baltimore, Chicago or Pittsburgh as the location for the company’s next local news franchise. Spirited Media CEO Jim […]

The Panama Papers show a shift in mainstream journalism, moving more toward WikiLeaks

The Panama Papers show the “WikiLeaks-ization” of mainstream journalism, Jim Rutenberg writes. That shift is significant, and it’s one that’s changing the course of history, Rutenberg writes, as well as “changing the rules for mainstream journalists in the fierce business of unearthing secrets, and for the government and corporate officials in the fiercer business of […]

Daily Mail is joining the group of potential buyers for Yahoo

You might have heard: After laying off 15 percent of its workforce, potential bidders for Yahoo’s core internet business include Verizon, Time Inc. and Google But did you know: The U.K.’s Daily Mail says it’s in preliminary talks to bid for Yahoo, joining a group of potential buyers that include Verizon, Time Inc. and CBS. […]

Why video isn’t going to be an easy way for digital publishers to bring in big revenue

Video is often looked to as a potential savior for digital publishers, but Sahil Patel writes that it’s not quite that simple. Video is expensive to produce, and though social platforms like Facebook offer publishers scale, monetizing video content remains a challenge. And, just because publishers are publishing video on these platforms doesn’t mean that […]

Mashable laid off its entire politics desk, most of its global news desk and half of its editorial video team

You might have heard: Mashable announced Thursday that its chief content officer Jim Roberts and chief revenue officer Seth Rogin would leave the company as it turn its focus to video and “growing Mashable across every platform” (LinkedIn Pulse) But did you know: As part of its restructure, Mashable laid off about 30 staff members on […]

The owner of The Paper, a Chinese news outlet overseen by the Communist Party, is launching an English-language site

The Paper is a new media success story in China, and now it’s trying to find that same success abroad: The owners of The Paper will launch an English-language website called Sixth Tone today. But what sets The Paper apart from other new media success stories is that it’s overseen by China’s Communist Party at […]