Business models

With more jobs cut, Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne’s The Age could eliminate weekday print editions

After 30 jobs were cut at Australia’s Fairfax Media, some say that the daily newspapers Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne’s The Age could be headed to a weekend-only printing schedule. In a speech last week, Fairfax Media CEO Greg Hywood said that with the exception of the Australian Financial Review, 65 percent of the company’s […]

BBC will eliminate some ‘soft’ news from its website, saying it ‘cannot be all things to all people’

The BBC will announce cuts to its website this week, targeting “soft news” content such as recipes, travel advice and magazine-style articles, The Telegraph’s Patrick Foster reports. The BBC is expected to create clear boundaries about what it will and will not do online, with director general Lord Hall of Birkenhead saying that the BBC’s […]

The closure of the Tampa Tribune may be a start of a new trend, as well as the continuation of an old one

You might have heard: The Tampa Bay Times bought and folded the Tampa Tribune, making Tampa a one-newspaper city But did you know: The collapse of the print newspaper advertising industry hasn’t led to mass closures of newspapers as predicted, Joshua Benton writes. Instead, it’s led to a pattern of annual cutbacks, making the closure […]

Just two months after it launched, Trinity Mirror is shutting down New Day

Launched just two months ago, Trinity Mirror’s New Day was an experiment: a print newspaper without a website, with articles published directly to Facebook. Now, Trinity Mirror is shutting the newspaper down, with the last issue coming out on Friday. Trinity Mirror was aiming for paid daily sales of 200,000, but only sold about 30,000 […]

The Tampa Bay Times bought and folded the Tampa Tribune, making Tampa a one-newspaper city

You might have heard: The Tampa Tribune was sold by Media General in 2012 to a Los Angeles-based private equity investment group for $9.5 million (Tampa Bay Times) But did you know: The Tampa Bay Times bought the Tampa Tribune on Tuesday for an undisclosed price and folded the Tribune, ending a 29-year competition between the […]

The problem with story quotas: ‘Providing a lot of stories is not the same as providing a service to readers’

When newsroom leaders implement story quotas, John Robinson says they’re measuring the wrong thing: Simply providing a lot of stories isn’t the same thing as providing value and service to readers. Robinson writes: “It is true that every marketing survey of news content I’ve seen says that readers want ‘more.’ But it’s not more ‘stuff.’ […]

With a bid more than 60 percent higher than Tribune’s trading value, Gannett will likely succeed in acquiring Tribune Publishing

You might have heard: Gannett offered $815 million in cash to buy Tribune Publishing, and Gannett CEO Robert Dickey says, “Given the substantial value represented by our offer … we are confident that Tribune’s non-management stockholders will support our proposal” (CNN Money) But did you know: Though Tribune management was surprised by Gannett’s takeover bid, […]

The best things in journalism were never made to reach the most people, but the right people

“The truth is that the best and most important things the media (let’s say specifically the news media) has ever made were not made to reach the most people  —  they were made to reach the right people,” The Verge’s Josh Topolsky writes. “Because human beings exist, and we are not content consumption machines. What […]

For some publishers, Twitter is a better platform for video revenue than Facebook

On the surface, Facebook appears to be a better platform for video publishers than Twitter, simply because of its larger audience numbers. But some publishers are finding that Twitter is a better platform to make money off of video because of its options for revenue sharing, including pre-roll video ads. “We’re making so little from […]

As Business Insider expands, its paid research arm BI Intelligence is also looking outside the US

Now a part of Axel Springer, Business Insider is quickly expanding outside the U.S.: It’s doubling its staff and expanding original reporting in Germany, andmore international editions are likely on the way. At the same time, its paid research arm BI Intelligence is also expanding its team and looking outside the U.S. for new opportunities. […]