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Why Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang started broadcasting on NPR member station WAMU

Washington Post’s popular weather blog Capital Weather Gang is partnering with D.C.-area NPR member station WAMU to deliver morning weather forecasts on the station. The partnership is starting with a three-month trial, with the goal of “explaining the why about the weather.” As WAMU re-examines some of its coverage, the partnership “represents a run at […]

Podcast audiences are growing slowly, but advertisers say their campaigns have been effective

You might have heard: Podcasts are “back,” with several factors contributing to their recent attention, including better podcast apps and faster connections But did you know: Podcasts aren’t in a bubble, writes Farhad Manjoo: Audiences for podcasts are growing slowly, a rarity for the technology industry. But its advertising business is working, with both large […]

Are podcasts the key to diversifying public radio audiences?

In terrestrial public radio, 87 percent of NPR’s audience is white — but that number drops to 67 percent for NPR podcasts. Podcasts are also tending to grow faster with more digitally savvy audiences, which also tend to be more diverse, signifying a breakthrough for public radio in terms of attracting more diverse listeners. NPR’s […]

Why competing publications are teaming up for podcasts

Pop culture podcast Crossing the Streams is a collaboration between film news site Moviepilot and humor magazine Cracked, representing a growing tend of competing publications joining for a podcast. By collaborating, the financial risk is shared and multiple audiences are brought to the podcast, as well as being able to share existing infrastructure.

Office chat platform Slack launches its own podcast

Slack, an office chat platform, is moving into the rapidly growing podcast market with the launch of “Slack Variety Pack.” The first episode of the podcast premiered Monday, and Slack CMO Bill Macaitis says the idea behind Slack Variety Pack is “stories about work and life, told in a very human voice.” While Slack has […]

Tips for recording a great podcast on a budget

As podcasts continue to grow in popularity, advances in technology and drops in pricing have made it easier than ever to create high-quality audio. Start by choosing a good microphone, and choose one that can focus on small areas. Record in a quiet environment, and use editing software to edit out coughs and pauses for […]

Ira Glass: ‘Public radio is ready for capitalism’

This American Life host Ira Glass says public radio is ready to join the free market and accept more traditional forms of advertising. At an “upfront” meeting with advertisers, hosted by NPR, WBEZ and WNYC, Glass said his hope for public radio is that it can move away from the model of asking listeners for […]

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